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Im still in my first 6 months of bass addiction and im building a system in my kia optima. I think what im building is a 5-way active ive read that i should start with a 2-way active and then build my way up but i have been taking my time learning as much as i can about car audio and it blows me away with all the stuff i already have learned and how much goes into building a car stereo. Such as component vs coaxial, ohm loads, db ratings along with other things. Well i bought a sony xec-1000 electric cross-over were it splits the front into 2 channels and the rear into 2 channels and a sub output so it has 3 line's in front,rear,sub with a total of 5 outs. front high, front mid, rear high, rear mid and the sub after playing around with it i got it to sound good but i want to wrap my head around the whole thing and understand it better. I currently have 2 3.5" bullet super tweeters in the front high channel of the cross over - 2 DS18 PRO-X6.4BM 1200W Max 6.5" Midrange Speakers from the front mid of the cross over - (2) rockville rvl69w 6x9 600w cast aluminum car subwoofers out of the rear mid output of the cross over - and 2 power acoustik mofo 2700 watt 12" subwoofers in a ported box out of the cross-over subout with nothing coming from the rear high. now i have a Power Acoustik RE4-2000D 2000 Watt 4-Channel Car Stereo Amplifier Amp hooked up from the front high and front mid outputs of the cross over wired to the front 3.5 bullet tweeters and the front mid to the 6.5 door speakers with the amp x-over set to full the 6x9s are coming from the rear mid cross over output into a kenwood 800w amp and the subs from the sub out crossover output into a power acoustik eg1-10000d edge monoblock to the 2 12" subs wired at 1 ohm. Now the sony xec-1000 settings confuse me the front hi output has just a hi-pass settings 7k,5k,3.5k,2.4k all HZ. I have it set at 7k now the front mid has a high pass settings 140, 100 , 70, flat Hz and a low-pass settings flat, 5k, 3.5k, 2.4k Hz the rear high has both a high pass and a low pass but im not using that output and the it has for the rear low a low-pass settings of 140,100,70,50 Hz and also a sub low-pass settings of 140, 100, 70, 50, Hz. now for the front mid i have read i should have it set for 500hz high - 5000hz low but i only have an option to go as high to 140Hz and what exactly is the flat setting in the low pass also i read that i should set the sub to 80 again i dont have that option i only have 140,100,70,50 to choose from.Also i dont understand why the mid hi-pass is also 140,100,70,50. I dont understand how to pick the cross over point with this cross-over sorry so long can sombody shine a little light on this thank you


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