3 out of 4 speakers won't work


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I have a 2005 Honda Civic LX and after purchasing it earlier this week I found that I had to enter a code to start the radio. I did that but three out of four speakers don't work. I fooled around with the balances too. No sound at all. 2 rear speakers and the passenger side speakers are silent.Seems like too much of a coincidence for three blown speakers.Any help?


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Check to see if the wiring harness between the body and door isn't cracked. A lot of times the driver side harness will crack and break over time because that door gets used the most. I'm replacing both of them in my Jeep this weekend for the same problem plus my windows quit working.

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nbs check for any accident reports, front end near fenders or door replacements, piggy backing off previous reply, could be an open circuit issue with a door harness, or was gonna say additionally check splice connectors near impact points for corrosion/buildup on connectors. my best guess.


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Seems like too much of a coincidence for three blown speakers.
Not really, stock car speakers are extremely flimsy from the start and yours are almost 20 years old! I have no trouble believing the bloke who blew 1 didn't just keep cranking it to make up for the 1 that was out and broke another two. What's surprising is that ANY of them work.

Civic is pretty simple to get into the doors either way, pull a speaker and test it with a known working receiver or even use a couple small bits of wire and a AAA flashlight battery to quickly tap the + terminal of the battery to one speaker terminal and the - terminal to the other speaker terminal and you would hear a pop if the speaker functions. It is very likely you'll pull the speaker and it is half falling apart from age though and you won't be surprised it isn't making sound.