Deaf Bonce Machete Series LW-80A4 / LW-65A4 vs CDT??

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Does anyone have any experience w/ either of these? Its looking like more and more that I won't be running a sub and/or it will be a long time before I do so. I have a shit-ton of other projects I'm getting ready to fiddle w/ so I need the front comp set and rear coax to give me the best option to include some reasonable lower end.

I came across some DB and these have great FR for lower end, used w/ a Focal XO-13VR Polyglass Crossover, or something similar from CDT or Woofers etc paired w/ a simple 1" tweeter I'm hoping to have a decent sound stage.

Several of the links in my previous thread have products no longer in stock plus FR starts in around the 60hz range. The DB I'm looking at approx 30-4000hz, I found some CDT options w/ similar or slightly lower FR w/ the MX-7 or ES-06+CV but at the end of the day, I cannot find any user feed back on said DB or the CDT.

CDT does have their HD-62BE-2 on sale for $159 and Kicker has the KSS690, the KS series being more sensitive.
I'd go w/ some infinity kappas or Polk DB's if I was sure I was going to use a sub but since thats not a known I'm thinking I should look for options that give me more low end and I do like my timbre to be more neutral. Anything bright I'll have to pass.
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