2021 Honda Pilot Mild Audio Upgrade


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Sep 30, 2010
It's been about ten years since I bought my last car audio gear, and not sure what brands are still recommended. I've had Crescendo comps for this whole time and finally decided to give something else a try.

Getting a 2021 Pilot EX tomorrow and want to leave it looking close to factory as possible (well my other half is the one that wants that). I have an AA Havoc 12 in a custom box I built back in 2012 iirc but it takes up too much room so not allowed to use it.

Back in the day I went with Sound Deadening Solutions, haven't checked if they are still around or not yet, or if something else is recommended.

I'm thinking to get started, get sound deadening in the doors, and hatch area. New comps for the front, maybe replace the rears with something cheap or just leave those factory for the kids to hear from.

I'm sensitive to harsh tweeters. I'm trying to find the factory ones from my current car to keep my Crescendo tweeters just in case I don't find new ones I like lol.

I have basically new hifonics GLX 1400 mono from 2012 and matching 100.4.
Not sure factory alt (130amps) would like that much though so thinking run speakers off head unit and get a smaller sub and set the amp lower or run it at 2ohm.

Just starting to look around and still have to get the vehicle to see where I can put a sub and what size wouldn't take up too much room. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
May end up selling my Havoc or stuff I don't use after this is done too.

Oh, for budget. Don't want to break the bank, but ~$250 on comps should be alright. Sub will depend on size constraints and if I use the amp/s I have or not.
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Jun 28, 2011
Get the vehicle you want first then come back and see about some recommendations. Id also recommend placing some power on components,as HU power is at a bare min of less than 25 rms generally and leads to distortion when cranked up. Even 35-40 rms power from an amplifier is much better than non at all

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