2021 4Runner ORP headunit installation


CarAudio.com Newbie
Sep 14, 2021
Boulder, co
Howzit all!

I have been trying to find out any usable info on re-installing my Pioneer NEX4500, data module from my 2019 to my new 2021 4runner. It's hard to believe that 2 years into the production info seems scarce on the new audio system.

I (stupidly) thought it would all drop right in perfectly, my research has indicated that they changed the connections/fitment on the new Toyota OEM headunit in 2020.
I am wondering if anyone out there has any info on installs they might have done on 2020-2021 4Runners including the maestro module for steering wheel controls.
Anything helps regarding pinouts or wiring harnesses I can retrofit to help me get my system back up and running.

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