1. Flash0214

    Possible blown sub and replacement recommendation.

    Hey guys question for everyone here. My system is simple. Need help determining if my sub is blown and if so why? Was I wrong to go with a single 12 2ohm sub? Head unit: Pioneer with flat eq. No crossovers set Amp: Kenwood excelon xr901-5 Sub: Pioneer TS-A120B set for 2ohm. I’ve had this in my...
  2. CaesarVespasian

    How To Isolate and Amplify the Hi-Hat Sound?

    I am specifically referring to the basic hi-hat variation, which sounds like a steady "chk chk chk chk" sound, I often hear it as a car comes down the street. I am not certain if the sound can be heard by the driver inside the car, or only by me on the street. I have tried to replicate the...
  3. J

    FS: Digital Designs 3512 Subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: Digital Designs 3512F D2 12" subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: As you can see in the pictures, the sub is in excellent shape. I bought it new, and had it installed in the back of my SUV. The sub spent more time in my house than in my vehicle because I had to...
  4. N

    New setup, one problem

    I recently installed Focal 165 a1 component speakers. The tweeters sound great but the woofers sound very thin and tinny with almost no low end almost like big tweeters. They are hooked up to a Sony DSX -s300BTX head unit and Pioneer MD6500f amp. I also use a JL audio 10w1v2 subwoofer connected...
  5. blobb454

    Subwoofer building

    I cannot find any info on here to build and or make a new subwoofer. I would like to learn how to. Ive read how to replace a cone and how to clean/repair a motor. But I want start to finish. What all the parts are. What determines what.. Is there any books on this topic? I went to my local book...
  6. R

    Sub woofer hook up

    I recently just got into the whole car audio scene and am stumped on this possible simple situation. I have a Apline iDA-C305S series head unit. Hooked up to that is my autek 2000 watt max amp with 2 12" American Bass subs. I ran the rca wires to the back of the unit along with the ignition...
  7. D

    Morel SW9 Midwoofer like new

    Item(s) for Sale: I bought these for a ultimate system in a G37. I sold the car & they are way to big to use in my 280z or supra. I wish I could but I want some rims. I boulht these off a fellow DIYMA.com member & don't believe they were ever mounted. They look perfect! Item(s)...
  8. tech114

    8 Batcap 8400 for sale

    8 Batcap 8400. Asking 500 each plus shipping. Local pickup available. They are in like new condition.. clearing some space so I need these gone. any questions, don't hesitate to ask..thanks
  9. S

    Custom Built TC Sounds 4HP 18" Dual 1 ohm Subwoofer

    I used 6 of these woofers on 2 SAZ4500D's strapped (around 2200-2400 watts per driver-RMS power-) I am parting with them for other expenses at the moment. I still have 4 left at the moment. Coils $650 shipped per woofer firm $2500 for all four shipped firm If you wish to pay via...
  10. C

    Two 10 inch mtx audio thunder 4000 and box for 2 12 inch subs

    75 bucks no wires no box 75 bucks for box Email: [email protected] buyer responsible for shipping and handling also will find out prices when i find a buyer
  11. Digital Designs 91K 12"

    Digital Designs 91K 12"

    BEFORE of my DD 91k. pics after recone will be posted when i get it back from DD.
  12. SUb enclosure with two 12 inchers!

    SUb enclosure with two 12 inchers!

    I finally took a photo of the box filled with subs. The box takes up some space but full sized adults can sit in the back seat comfortably!
  13. Angle photo of slotted port

    Angle photo of slotted port

    Finished enclosure
  14. Carpeted Sub box

    Carpeted Sub box

    two 12 inch holes ready for my Orion subs!
  15. SUb enclosure build

    SUb enclosure build

    Just carpeting the box!