1. jjsowa

    Subwoofer amp killing main amp

    I bought a semi truck with a custom audio setup. I wanted the factory head unit back (has engine gages and navigation for the truck. Peterbilt SmartNav) so I installed a line output converter (AudioControl LC8) I wanted the LC7i but that’s what my local shop had in stock and I was impatient...
  2. T

    Troubleshooting audio system

    Having an issue in my 2017 base wrx, factory audio system. One day driving most of my audio cut out. Seems as though everything but the driver door speaker and driver tweeter cut out. Checked fuses and everything checked out. Wanted to come here before I start taking my door panels off. Thinking...
  3. 2

    Speakers not working - Help!

    Hello, I bought this truck and all 4 door speakers don't seem to work. My small speakers on top of the dash do work, but I noticed later on, that the door speakers weren't working. I know absolutely nothing about vehicle wiring so maybe one of you can help me out. Thank you in advance! I'm...
  4. Peppo31

    Amp Troubleshooting Advice

    Hello, I have a Kenwood Excelon XR-5S 5ch amp runnning in a 2005 F150 with 4 aftermarket component speakers and 2 small 8" subs running off the sub channel. I installed it recently and it was working fine for a couple of months until out of the blue yesterday all the speaker channels stopped...
  5. K

    JL Audio Amp/sub combo won’t turn on (not usual problem?)

    Hello all, Novice to intermediate audiophile here hoping for some help. Purchased a used JL Audio Powered 10” MicroSub+ today. The previous owner had just purchased a corvette to use as a track build and the car came with this system. He said he hadn’t had luck powering it up but admittedly...
  6. Tehboss

    Thump coming from rear speaker, see pic maybe bass?

    Could someone identify this for me, I’m hearing an annoying clicking thump sound every second even with the music off.
  7. T

    Speakers suddenly stop working while driving and I am confused..

    Hello, Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read. I was driving along a few days ago when suddenly my speakers and tweeters both cut out completely while my sub was playing fine. It was hot so I checked the fuses under the hood and the amp fuses. They were fine so my thought was that the amp...
  8. T

    Subwoofers Won't Work on Working Amplifier? HELP

    I have two alpine type r 12 in dual voice coil 4 ohm subs that I haven't been able to listen to. I'm too stubborn to take it to an audio shop, and the closest one is miles away. So I was wondering if someone could help me out. I ran my multimeter on the outer terminals and got a 2.4 ohm reading...