1. E

    5000K Amp or higher

    Looking to buy: Taramps 5000K Smart Bass. Or Digital Designs M 5000. What is the pros and cons between them? Taramps 5k Smart Bass looks good for under 500. Digital Designs M5000 looks promising for 1,300. My Subs: (1) DD9518 SC (2) SSA Zcon 12s.
  2. mclerico1983

    FOR SALE Taramps md3000.1 1 ohm new

  3. ThxOne

    Taramps SMART3 Gain setting?

    Is the best way to set the gain on these Taramps to use pink noise and set the amp gain till it just clips on the little 3 light indicator? How are you all setting the gains on Taramps?
  4. AnthonyO


    Which one is better? DS440x4 Line DS Line Reference DS 440x4 Number of Channels 4 Max Output Power 12,6 VDC - 2 OHMS: 440W RMS (4 x 110W RMS) 12,6 VDC - 4 OHMS: 276W RMS (4 x 69W RMS) Signal Noise/Ratio >89dB Frequency Response 8Hz a 26KHz Input Impedance 18K OHM...
  5. SPLBassJunkie

    FEATURED Two 15"s in a Nissan 350z [WIP]

    I'm new so, hello from Australia. Current iteration of my setup, which has evolved several times over the last few years: Stock 350z HR Alternator (130amp) Taramps MD5000.1 (2ohm model) 2x 15" HammerTech HCW15 40ah Yinlong LTO cells with active BMS balancer (in the post, on the way... arrives...
  6. jjsowa

    Subwoofer amp killing main amp

    I bought a semi truck with a custom audio setup. I wanted the factory head unit back (has engine gages and navigation for the truck. Peterbilt SmartNav) so I installed a line output converter (AudioControl LC8) I wanted the LC7i but that’s what my local shop had in stock and I was impatient...
  7. M

    1.8 ohm impedance fine on 2 ohm nominal amps?

    Hello,I'm having a hard time figuring out this. I have 8 speaker connected on my amp,currently a Stetsom ex3000eq 1 ohm.I'm planning to upgrade it to a 3500 2 ohm to get the most out of it. The speakers are all 4 ohm.I've connected the 4 speakers per side in parallel,so I get almost 1 ohm per 4...
  8. B

    Need help asap subwoofer problems

    Hello I have two 4000w subs with a 1 inch box Also i have a smart 3 taramp 3000w amp With 4gauge wire. Amp keeps going into protection and turns right back on after certain volume they hit hard untill i push the volume to high??? Plz help do i need 0gauge wire or another amp
  9. Chris21206

    Does my system have enough power?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum but I’m just starting to get into car audio and I’ve purchased my first big system. I have concerns that the installer that I go to has my subs on too big of an amp (sundown x12’s are rated at 1500W RMS), and secondly, that my voltage drop is too low and I’m damaging my...

    Taramps HD3K Clipping

    So i have stock electrical with a 4 guage wire on a hd3k and i have the gains set at half @1 ohm on a skar ddx 10 inch. Before I get roasted I'm planning on going to 0 gauge asap haha. So I had my headunit like 2 notches before full volume and I was playing some decaf 30 hz 35 hz. And I had...
  11. nyoc

    Trying to get an amp to see 2 ohms

    Taramps DS 250.2 with 2 DS18 crossovers 2 Soundqubed 8" midrange 2 Soundqubed super tweeters Trying to get the amp to see 2ohms, the speakers are single 4ohm What do I need to do?
  12. Cuznfkr

    1ohm and 2ohm model?

    I am new to car audio , anyway , the taramps HD3k has a 1ohm and a 2ohm version , does this mean 1/2ohm stable or does this mean it will produce 3k at 1/2ohms?
  13. T

    Taramps MD or Bass

    Whats the difference between these amps? The MD is rated for the same power at lower voltage compared to the bass line. And the MD is cheaper. What makes the bass line more expensive? Is it better for lower impedances, running below rated impedance? I see a lot of recommendations for taramps...
  14. P

    Electrical upgrade

    I’m currently running 2 sa-12v1’s on a taramps md3000 and a 1/0 big 3. When I turn them up, the voltage drops to 11.5. The voltage normally sits at about 14.3 at startup and 13.8 later on. What’s some cheaper options to get that voltage up?
  15. Boominburban

    Taramps MD 8000.1 amp

    You guys need to go check out the new AD-1 test Dereck Williston just posted on this new Taramps model .... Impressive for sure .... *** It's a 1800.1 amp .... don't know how I messed that up in the title, sorry guys .... ***
  16. Taramps amps

    Taramps amps

    My HD10k, DSP3000, and 800x4.
  17. Taramps 20k

    Taramps 20k

    My 20k
  18. Y

    Question about gain on taramps

    I have a Taramps 8k 2 ohm on the way, reading up people say you cant use the root mean square method to estimate power, but this thread says clamping can still get you far off from "true power". I have a dual trace o scope, dmm, and an AC fluke amp meter. Should I just use the clamp method...
  19. adulbrich

    Taramps 20.2kw

    Item(s) for Sale: Taramps 20.2kw signed by Taylor Fade Item(s) Description/Condition: Has been repaired, but works great. Currently being used. Just blew some FET's When Taylor did the CACO test for the amp. If you don't wire too far below 1 ohm, you're fine. This is not a Korean amp Price...
  20. Boominburban

    F/S - TARAMPS HD 8K 1 ohm

    Item(s) for Sale: TARAMPS HD 8K 1 ohm model Item(s) Description/Condition: In very good condition. Comes with remote clipping indicator as pictured. And original box, although box is rough. my **** dog laid on it ..... Price: $600 shipped priority mail, insured and tracking, double boxed...
  21. P

    WTB: Taramp 20k

    Product I'm looking for: Taramp 20k low volt, 1ohm Budget: You name the price. PM would be appreciated Condition: New or Used Time Frame Asap
  22. adulbrich

    Anybody have Taramps HD 8000 in stock??

    Hey, looking to buy within the next three days. I want to buy one new from an authorized dealer. @g6ryder; @XplicitAudio;
  23. adulbrich

    What electrical needed for Taramps HD 8000

    Hey, I need to know in the next few days. What electrical is needed to run a Taramps HD8000? I currently have an XS D3100 and 320 amp alternator. I have all Sky high OFC 0 gauge cable. It will be running a DD Z series at 1 ohm nominal. I will immediately have $500 for extra electrical...
  24. B

    Taramp's 10.9Kw Amplifier Result's

    I'm starting this thread to educate people on the quality of this particular Taramp's amp. So far I have it installed and running off of 4 Deka group31 batteries in the trunk being charged by a 240 amp Mechman along with a 70ah agm starting battery. Right now I have 3 positive runs of CCA zero...