subwoofer enclosure

  1. MarkTro

    Looking for someone with fiberglass experience

    I have a 2008 Porsche 911 C4 cabriolet and am looking for some help replicating a subwoofer enclosure out of fiberglass like the pic below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. JustinStone

    Subwoofer Enclosure Plan

    Current plan for my subwoofer enclosure. Any tips are accepted and appreciated. The subs will be level with the headrests on the back seats.
  3. J

    Need some help with my enclosure and advice on my setup

    I drive a 02 civic ex. I've cut the bracing behind the rear seats to squeeze in a beefy box. I'm after boomy bass: don't care so much for Sq. I'd say 15 percent sound quality 85 percent spl. I'm running two memphis 15 C3s... Hard to find specs for them so I've obtained what I could from memphis...
  4. Basser

    Custom subwoofer enclosure - Basser

    Hi, First of all I know it's against your rules to post adverstings and this thread may be deleted together with my account, but I didn't post any link to my company website, so if you feel interested you can find it by typing "Basser" in your browser. I notice more and more people from United...
  5. bs199sg

    Making a box for 2 Pioneer Subs

    Trying to make a new box to fit into a 2007 Ford Focus. I want a big box, with good efficiency. Trying to test around with the hz levels. I mostly listen to heavy metal and some more bassy stuff.
  6. S

    Pre-fab Vs. Built for SQHDS300's

    Hey guys, new to the forum, I've got another thread under wiring/installation about the system I have in mind, in it are 2 12" HDS300's by Soundqubed. Now, I am under a budget but I know a box is a key element to it all so I am wondering if you can help me decide if buying this pre-fab box would...
  7. K

    Port box size for 2 alpine type r 12's

    So I don't want to spend 400$ to get a custom built ported box, so I've decided to make my own. Does anyone know the specifications I need to build it to? The port sizes, where to put the ports, what to tune it to, etc?
  8. fisubsaregross

    Subwoofer enclosure tuning?????HELP!!!

    Hi, new to the forum so here it goes. I am going to purchase a single 18 inch FI BTL N2 subwoofer for my Mazda 3. SO the real question is, how big and how big should the port be to satisfy my subwoofers needs. FI says that the prime enclosure would be between 4.5 cubic feet and 8.0 cubic feet...
  9. nyoc

    FS: Professional Subwoofer Enclosure for 2 12s

    1. Product: 1 Professional Subwoofer Enclosure (box) for 2 12" subs This was built by DLDesignz aka Bassman3 or Dustin 2. Specs: 37W x 18H x 20D 2 12" openings 1 port tuned to 30Hz 3. Description/Condition: Like new, never used, never had subs screwed in, and only about 6 months old...
  10. Wingman0121

    SOLD Two 12" custom TC/Eclipse SW9122 subwoofers, Audiopipe AP30001D & large ported box

    Item(s) for Sale: Two dual 2-ohm 12" TC Sounds/Eclipse SW9122 subwoofers with QCA, Audiopipe AP30001D(AP-30001D) and a slot ported box Item(s) Description/Condition: All are near-mint and works great, I took them out before this winter because it gets so cold here that I can't even enjoy it...
  11. D

    does the volume of the sub box have to match the recomended by sony for the sub?

    the sub box that i have is approx 35.40L and the reccommended volume by sony for the sub that i have as well is 28L. is there any way to add 7L of volume to the box to maximize the quality of the sound or, does it even matter as long as its ballpark. please let me know. and will 2" of mounting...
  12. Finished


    Enclosure finished
  13. Finished Enclosure

    Finished Enclosure

    Enclosure finished and ready for carpet