subwoofer choice

  1. 2

    Larger Cone Undersized Box Vs Smaller Cone Recommended Volume

    I own a 2016 Chevy Silverado DoubleCab. I am planning a full install at the highest sound quality. SPL doesn't matter too much because I'm not a bass head and the cab is SUPER quiet. I want to build a box that fits underneath the rear bench and I want to use my small kenwood 60wx2 RMS amp that i...
  2. I

    suggestions/advice on upgrade

    at the moment i have 2 jl 12w3's on an alpine m110, alpine type r components on a rf prime 600 4 ch with a pioneer avhx5700 head unit. i had these memphis 6x9s that were dirt cheap because i didn't think for a second the components alone could handle the front stage--i was wrong. the 6x9's...
  3. 08STANG91

    Help with a setup

    I know this has probably been asked thousands of times, and everyone has their own opinions. I have a 2008 mustang GT, my current setup is an older MTX sub that was given to me, and a bass inferno amp, running to the stock head unit. So I've been trying to do some research on my own and I...
  4. D

    ORION HCCA152 15" vs SSA ZCON 15" ZCON vs SA Z v.4 Series15" vs more

    ORION HCCA vs SSA ZCON vs SA Z v.4 Series vs Re Audio Xxx vs Tantric SHD Series Opinions?
  5. Ronoman

    Replacing two 10s with what?

    I've had two 2012 Alpine Type-R 10s running on an Alpine MRX-1100 since August of last year. This past weekend I installed an XSPower D975 in the trunk to help out the car with electrical problems, now that the amp is happy, but with clean power my subwoofers are MELTING. I have my gains set...