subwoofer box

  1. Siikdude

    need help building a subwoofer box for my subs

    hi there.. so i have 4 x skar zvxv2 d2 subs and i have a jeep wrangler 10' the max diamentions in m jeep is a width 42in x length 26 1/2in would like less like 23 length or less if possible to have some space in my jeep, and the height i can do max 17in or i can do a Wedge Enclosures that...
  2. D

    19mm MDF or 12mm marine plywood for sub box?

    Hello guys, I had on mind making a 250 watt RMS subwoofer ported box from 19mm MDF but recently i found in my house some 12mm marine plywood. So i say to use the plywood for my sub box as i will save about 20-30 euros and also the box is not gona be as heavy as the MDF box. What do you say...
  3. F

    Im a newby and i need help please

    Hi my names Trace, this is my first post, im a novice in the car audio world, im buying 2 15 inch gravity warzone sub woofers 3500 rms 4 ohm powered by an EG1-7000D power acoustik monoblock amp, my question is, what size box? I'd like to go with something prefab as I know nothing about building...
  4. 2

    Larger Cone Undersized Box Vs Smaller Cone Recommended Volume

    I own a 2016 Chevy Silverado DoubleCab. I am planning a full install at the highest sound quality. SPL doesn't matter too much because I'm not a bass head and the cab is SUPER quiet. I want to build a box that fits underneath the rear bench and I want to use my small kenwood 60wx2 RMS amp that i...
  5. Z

    need help with box specs for 2 12 inch american bass tnt 1244

    hello i need some help with box specs for 2 12 inch american bass tnt 1244 subs, specs here: TNT1244
  6. T

    My subs has four small holes in it.

    I took my subs in to be installed not to long ago and the guy mounted my amp to the back of the box. which I really didn't want, I would like to move it from the box to the back of my seat. to do so i would have to figure out how to plug the holes from the screws. Any suggestions?
  7. D

    Sealed Enclosure for Hertz 10" subwoofer

    Vehicle: 2012 VW Passat CC Location in the vehicle: back deck Space available (Length x Width x Height): 44x24x5 Subwoofer make and model: Hertz HX250D or JL Audio 10TW3D4 Subwoofer Size: 10" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Sealed What type of music do you...
  8. S

    Professional Help Needed For Subwoofer Box

    Hello all! This is my first post here! I recently purchased an Re Audio XX 12 v2 and i need help building the perfect box for it. I'm also wondering about the material to build it with. I've done some research and I'm under the impression that the most dense wood is the best. So would oak work...
  9. S

    Pre-fab Vs. Built for SQHDS300's

    Hey guys, new to the forum, I've got another thread under wiring/installation about the system I have in mind, in it are 2 12" HDS300's by Soundqubed. Now, I am under a budget but I know a box is a key element to it all so I am wondering if you can help me decide if buying this pre-fab box would...
  10. Manchesteruntd

    Smart Car Enclosure Rebuild

    So I haven't seen many custom subwoofer enclosures for a smart car. Any who, I built an enclosure for my buddies smart. I will be building and will update this post when I start building. Nonetheless, here is the enclosure that is currently installed. Th LB is the Long Beach State logo, I cut...
  11. L

    Looking for a good setup in my price range. Need help.

    I'm looking at getting either 2 10's or 2 12's. Would rather go for 2 10's, but open to ideas. Looking to spend about 200-250 on each sub, and around 400 for an amp. Space is rather cramp since it will be going in a 2011 Camaro. Looking into possibly getting a custom made enclosure to fit in the...
  12. T

    Need help with a box for an f150?

    I'm gonna take out the backseats. And i was wondering if a box for 2 15's with about 6-8 cubic feet would fit with out being higher than the seats so i can see out the rear view mirror? I don't know the dimensions but here is a pic.
  13. fisubsaregross

    Subwoofer enclosure tuning?????HELP!!!

    Hi, new to the forum so here it goes. I am going to purchase a single 18 inch FI BTL N2 subwoofer for my Mazda 3. SO the real question is, how big and how big should the port be to satisfy my subwoofers needs. FI says that the prime enclosure would be between 4.5 cubic feet and 8.0 cubic feet...
  14. nyoc

    FS: Professional Subwoofer Enclosure for 2 12s

    1. Product: 1 Professional Subwoofer Enclosure (box) for 2 12" subs This was built by DLDesignz aka Bassman3 or Dustin 2. Specs: 37W x 18H x 20D 2 12" openings 1 port tuned to 30Hz 3. Description/Condition: Like new, never used, never had subs screwed in, and only about 6 months old...
  15. Me & my Hoe

    Me & my Hoe

  16. My box build

    My box build

  17. 2 15" Kicker CVR's

    2 15" Kicker CVR's

    My box
  18. Me & my Hoe

    Me & my Hoe

  19. subwoofer box 4 10"

    subwoofer box 4 10"

    This is an old school box .We use to have 6x9's and tweeters on the rear deck with a box in the truck. We also use to cut wood shaped to rear metal deck and then cut out the metal replacing it with the wood with 4 10" or 12" holes for subs.
  20. 1996 Jeep Cherokee

    1996 Jeep Cherokee

    Jeep cherokee fOr Teh wIn
  21. Building boxes as usual

    Building boxes as usual

    Making SPL boxes!