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    Aftermarket dash kit for 2012 ford focus

    I am looking to get a sound system soon, but my friends brought up a concern to me. They were saying i would have to get a new head unit but with the way my console is set up i would have to get an aftermarket dash kit, which is about 150$ on Is this really necessary or are they...
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    Auto Enthusiasts - check out these sound systems

    Hey All, What do you think of these car sound systems?
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    Car Subs go on and off.

    So this problem recently occured, I have 2 10" Kicker subs, 1000W Kicker amp that puts power only to the subs, and 4 Kicker Speakers. I run some expensive wires that are coated with a rubber protector. I believe all the wires are from "Bassworx". So I was driving and then it cuts out, and then...
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    Upgrading my system

    G'day Guys, I'm looking to upgrade my sound system in my 2000 Holden VT Berlina. At the moment I have just got the stock speakers in there and after sitting in a mates car (who has upgraded his system) it has made me want to have an awsome sound system. The only problem is that I am just...
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    4 Channel Amp Help

    I currently have a sound system setup in my car, it includes: 1 Kenwood KDC-MP442U (22 rms x 4 to speakers) 2 Infinity 6x9's 300W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity 6.5's 180W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity tweeters 2 Jl w0 10" subs (with custom box) 1 Hitron 1000W mono block amp powering the subs I...
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    '93 Bronco setup

    Hey what's up? I recently bought 2 Kicker 10" 10C104 subs and a Kicker zx700.5 amp to power my entire system. I have had pioneer 6.5" and 6X9" components, to replace the stock speakers, for about 2 years now. My question is this: should i replace my stock 95 amp alternator with a high output...