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    additional speaker installation with sound processor and headunit

    i having a ford figo and i got factory headunit with facotry door speakers and rockford fosgate p1 2x12 in my trunk hooked up to sony xm gs 100. in addition i have got rockford r300-4 4 channel in spare. so i am thinking to wire those factory speakers in series to connect it with the...
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    Sound Processpr to Use With Exisiting Stock Head Unit

    Hi there, I have a question that I urgently need help with, i am soon to be getting a new car that comes with an irreplaceable head unit as it controls multiple things in the car. As i don't want to install another custom head unit underneath the stock one can i use an audio processor instead...
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    Amp Wires and processor help

    Hey Guys, I recently bought a 2012 Accord SE and will be keeping the factory radio and adding the Power Acoustik P-81ACRD. So I have a 13W7 in a prowedge box with an Alpine PDX 1.1000 amp. I want to run this setup the right way to get the sick Bass I did with an aftermarket unit. 2 Questions...
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    BBE Sonic Maximizer SM-4012 SM 4012

    Well it's time to sell off one of my beloved processsors the BBE SM-4012 It's brand new as in never ever installed. If you know what this is, then you know how rare it is. Let me know if you have any questions, it's also up on EBAY. I bench tested it and hooked it up for 10 minutes last week...
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    Should I get a sound processor?

    Should I get the BX - 15 sound processor or something like that?? I am getting two 18's on two AQ 2200.d's. The BX 15 is from sound stream
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    Preamp or no need?

    I recently bought a kenwood eXelon x794 HU for my suv looking for better SQ. I notice that the HU has a Lot of settings for the EQ and sound processor area; DO you recommend or even if is necessary to put an additional equalizer/crossover? Suggestions... I got a 4 channel amp for my components...
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    It just doesn't sound right!! Help a newbie..

    Hey all! Hoping you experts can help me figure out how to get the best output from my setup. I'm wondering if I should shell out for a JL CleanSweep, try a rewire, change the sub enclosure, or get diff gear. Here's background info: I have a 2007 Charger R/T w/ Perf Pkg - came with a good Boston...
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    Old Player, New Game! Been Away for a Few Years, Looking for Some Help!

    Hey guys, new to so I apologize if this is a stupid post. Used to be heavy in the audio scene when I was a bit younger, but kinda fell off for a few years, seeing how I lost my license. But anyway, I'm back and looking to get it right the first time! So I've done a bit of research...
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    Headaches...parametric eq, double bass kick, bass guitar, sound processor ?

    Ok, Well if someone has covered this before, which most likely has happened please inform me. I have recently spent about $1,300 on a car audio system. I purchased an Alpine cda-117, 2 kicker dc12's with an alpine mono block 500w rms amp. I already have 2 infinity 6X9's in the back. It is a...