1. R

    Tomsalley aka, rick davis is a fraud

    Hello to everyone on car audio .com. so this guy tomsalley , rick davis or whatever other name he is , is a total fraud . If anyone here get a contact from this guys saying he had audio equipment for sale don't buy it or even talk to him I He is a fraud. He took my money and I didn't even get...
  2. Boominburban

    Car Audio SCAMMER in OHIO

    Seth Horsley and Kelsie Fleming of 535 Park Ave. BUCYRUS,OH are scammers. Paid them on the 8th for a set of OS Dr Crankenstein 15's, to be shipped the next morning. And now nothing at all since. His cell number is 419-617-8199 please blow that shizz up people ... Here was the add he was using...
  3. M

    Possible Ebay Scammer gleason996

    I won an auction from member gleason996 an Alpine MRP-M500 Car Amplifier Item # 290834811430. I even paid for it immediately through Paypal Transaction ID #89045982YH9405510 to his email that was connected to the Ebay auction. A day later he emails me, "Thanks for buying...
  4. Anthony Collova

    Lets give out some free AlphaDamp

    AlphaDamp is a new sound deadening mat. A CLD sold in small mat that is more stout than anything you have ever used. Since it is new to the market, AlphaDamp needs some exciting online representation, so I have been authorized to give away one box (20 sq ft) of AlphaDamp to 50 people. There...
  5. slammedincouch

    papito = scammer

    Long story short, I purchased a btl he sold on here a while ago (December). HORRIBLE packaging job when he shipped it. Glued a motor boot to the sub, which I did not realize until today Just noticed something was not right, as this has been sitting in a box for a while. Decided to take it out...