1. Fabian12

    Amp recommendations

    "upgrading" from a single zv5 15 to two xv3 12s. Been running on an SIA 3500d, looking for something reliable north of 5k without obliterating my bank account. *I do not need the best of the best
  2. Siikdude

    need help building a subwoofer box for my subs

    hi there.. so i have 4 x skar zvxv2 d2 subs and i have a jeep wrangler 10' the max diamentions in m jeep is a width 42in x length 26 1/2in would like less like 23 length or less if possible to have some space in my jeep, and the height i can do max 17in or i can do a Wedge Enclosures that...
  3. cmartinez73

    Head Unit Recommendations?

    What headunit do yall reccomend? (06-11 civic si) Im going to run 2 12s. I want something decent quality, Id rather not spend over 250 but if its a huge stepup/worth it to go with things in the 300s then might as well, also want a double din. I really dont know anything about HUs just heard good...
  4. D

    12" Recommendations 2500w RMS Below $600

    I'm looking for recommendations on a single 12" sub around 2500w RMS, trying to stay below $600. I will be using WinISD and probably to build my own box. I'm not looking to compete, listen mostly to rap and hip-hop, looking for loud as possible, but not low as possible (probably in...
  5. chilling1337

    deciding on speakers

    I’ve been looking at Morel Virtus 603. I do love their sound but adding up that $800 + an amp etc is making me second guess. Any recommendations to make a similar build as front stage, but cheaper I do like sound quality over super loud
  6. B

    Wolfram Silver or Sundown SA v2

    Planning on building a custom box for either, 12 inch. Both have similar box and tuning recommendations and almost identical price from Down4Sound, however the Wolfram has a slightly higher power rating although from owning 3 Sundowns I know they can easily take 1.5-2x their power ratings like...
  7. Ste

    Recommendations for external cd/dvd drive solution for meshless head unit?

    I bought a pioneer sph-da250dab a few months back. I didn't realise meshless meant "we can't be bothered to include a cd/dvd drive anymore" and most good head units with big screens are this way so there wasn't much choice. My unit has an external usb port. If really like to be able to listen...
  8. S

    Recommendations on Speakers and Headunit for 05 Acura RSX

    My friend just bought a 2005 Acura RSX and hes looking to replace the factory speakers and headunit, What would you guys recommend? For a budget but being good quality. He needs (2) 6.5's and (2) tweeters, as well as a Single DIN headunit. All for under $300
  9. J

    Coaxial speaker recommendations?

    Hey everyone, first time posting here. I'm very, very new to car audio. A friend of mine installed my first "system" about a year ago in May. Well, I finally managed to blow my speakers. All four of them. So, now I'm looking to replace them, but to be honest was never quite happy with the ones...
  10. M

    2500watt+ rms mono amp

    I need recommendations for an amp that can deliver 2500 watts rms into 2 ohm mono load. The subwoofer in question is an re audio xxx with dual 4-ohm voice coils(wired in parallel to two ohm). the amp has to be reliable(of course...) and it can't be super expensive(priced within reason).
  11. J

    need amp sugesstion

    i have 3 db drive sp10.1 tens need an amp suggestion also have 2 bazooka bw1024 tens need amp for those too and the wiring diagrams would help and could i put all this in a five ten speaker box and if so what would i need