protection light

  1. Mirza54000

    Audison lrx 2.9 in Protection

    Hi Guys, I just bought this Audison lrx 2.9 amplifier. The amp is wired correctly. Trying to run JBL 1220D (2ohms per coil) . Connected the positive to speaker left positive and negative to speaker right negative. Ground is connected to NEGATIVE and Battery to POSITIVE. Switched between mono...
  2. S

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Low wattage single 12" green amp light pulsing/protect mode

    So I've had my sub installed for a couple months, no problems. A few days ago right after school I blew a 25 amp fuse. Replaced it, blew again shortly after. Didn't think too much of it. I tried 4 other amps, and the same thing would happen, but no fuse blown. It would just hit protect. Sound is...
  3. M

    Amplifier going into protection mode...every once in a while

    I have a Concept amplifier 1200 with 2 12 inch MA Audio subwoofers. I have rewired my whole truck and put new RCA wires in. I can turn my truck on and the protection mode with turn off after about 2 or 3 seconds. And sometimes i turn my truck on and it does not come out of protection at all. It...
  4. M

    Problem getting power HELP

    So i have had my current system for about 4 months. 2 12in American Bass XD subs, Soundstream dtr1400.1 rated at 1400rms at 1 ohm (which is how my subs are wired) Recently my amp has been cutting out while driving for up to a minute. It used to snap right back on after a while. After about a...
  5. O

    Pyle Plam2300 protect light comes on?????

    I have a pyle plam2300 amp and when hooked up right the protect(red) light comes on. I have a thick and good ground. It has a 40 fuse in it now. The inside of the amp is all clean and shiny and nothin looks fried. Please help!!!!