1. Kickstand

    I had this crazy Idea

    So last summer I bought a 87 Mustang 5L Coupe (trunk not hatch) I getting around to putting a system in now and due to space or lack there of I'm kind of limited to 8" subs. I'm debating 2 sundown xv.4's or 4 FL8's. I would rather do the later but I only have 37" of width to work with and by the...
  2. Sguirrelfeather

    Getting my arse kicked! Any help?

    I don't know if I'm over thinking things, if I'm doing it wrong, or what, but I just can't seem to get the hang of figuring out a port. Normally I pay to have someone else design my boxes and then I'll build em, but my wife finally wanted a small enclosure in the back of her truck and since...
  3. ?

    Subs -n- Ports Relationship

  4. W

    1500-2000rms 12 inch sub recommendations

    I am looking for a good 12 inch sub 1500-2000 rms for my center console. I currently have a skar sdr 10 which isn't enough for me. Amp is a wolfram c.2400 on stock 160 alt which would be upgraded. Battery is and XS power S3400 with big 3 upgrade. I mainly listen to country, rebassed country, and...
  5. Jwillie

    Port help

    I working on finishing up a subwoofer box for my VW. I'm keeping my spare tire under the box so I'm getting a little creative with the design. I'm have the subwoofer depth figured out ( 6.75" ) the total cubic feet figured out ( 2.06 cubic feet ) I'm posting some picture of the build so far...
  6. yusme

    sealed or ported fiberglass wheel well enclosure?

    HI guys, I hope everyone its enjoying the summer. Im finally done with the fiberglass wheel well enclosure. The main point with this enclosure is to save space. The fiberglass shell its done and I added good bracing. Now Im not sure if I want to just leave it sealed or actually find a way to...
  7. Aleks15Civic

    How to effectively plug up a port, and/or is it even a good idea in my case?

    I will be running two of these in separate 4.75cu ft enclosures: Massive Audio Hippo-152 15" Hippo Series Car Subwoofer I am planning on using two of these as ports per box: Precision Port 4" Flared Speaker Cabinet Port Tube Kit Using the following calculator to determine lengths: Products...
  8. R

    Need Help Tuning First Sub Enclosuere

    HI Im building a subwoofer box and need help determining port length. The Box is 2.188 Ft^3 and will have 2 round 3 inch PVC port. The ports will stick out of the box 5 1/4 inches I want to tune it tune 32Hz (is this good for rap and EDM?) My question is A port calculator website gave me a...
  9. J

    Aero Port size help

    I am running a Re audio Sxx 15 v2, the xmax is 24mm (this thing moves a lot of air) my concerns are port size. The box is 4.8 cubic feet after displacement. It is a customs built box. H-20 W-18 D-30 I've spent hours researching about port sizes shapes etc, and so I bought 2 xscorpion "5inch"...

    Port noise?

    I noticed what I think is referred to as "port noise" today. I went to inspect it while I let the sub do it's thing, and I thougtht one of the panels or something was rattling, but I figured out it was the port making the noise. It almost sounds like a plastic bag was placed near the port or...
  11. L

    basic port volume question

    Hi, i was just wondering how changing the port size and shape effects the tuning frequency. i designed my box in Winisd, and have a slot port 16x4x27. if i wanted to make that into 2 ports, i would just need to make sure the volume is the same right? it wouldnt matter about changing the shape? i...
  12. C

    Little Help with port design please!

    Hey, right now I have 2 15" Cvr's hooked up to a hifonics brz 1700.1 in a sealed box. I wanted to build a ported box and I can design it and build it by myself but I just wanted to get some help with how to set it up. I have it in the back of a 1985 Buick Lesabre (same style as a Caprice). My...
  13. Enemy5802

    Somehow, messed up sloted port width

    So unfortunately, my dimensions were a bit off and one of the port width is a little off. For instance, the first slot width is 2.5, then it folds and its 2.60, and once again it folds for the third time and the width is 2.15. This would mess up my tuned frequency right? Any solution? Or is it...
  14. psychoacoustics

    next generation adjustable aeroport prototypes

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 6" large flare HIGH SPL HIGH power adjustable port 2 8" close clearance port for tight applications such as CRX Item(s) Description/Condition: 6 x"19" compressed length 28" extended roughly 8"x 17" compressed length 28" extended roughly both are 12" diameter give or...
  15. L

    air port velocity?

    Im designing a box for my 2 compvx 12s, 3.5 cubes at 34 hz. In winisd the rear air por velocity tops at 75, is that too high? I know in the 60s is best. My port area is 14.5x3
  16. B

    Box Port confusion

    I ordered a MA HK15x2, and have taken a look at its specs, it needs 5.0CF airspace, two eight inch ports at 13 inches long, and tuned to 32Fhz. can the ports run up to an inch of the back of the box? or do they have to come to some specific point of the box? im trying to fit this in the trunk of...
  17. Mr.meyhem

    Aero's vs slot port?

    going to do a 30 wide by 18 deep by 16.5 high double baffled box build. (3.5 cubes tuned to 27 hertz) sub and port forward. I've been talking to RAM and he says 2 3" aeros would fit but nothing bigger. so would i be better off doing a slot port and doing a 45 degree turn at the back cuz idk...
  18. S

    **Precision Aeroport Length Calculator Help**

    Whats the difference with the 2 numbers on the right for the length of the tube when it is calculated? This is the calculator on Precision's site... Products Menu
  19. S


    I'm going to use precision soud ports on my box build, but I have a question on how to type in the box volume calculator for the aeroports im using from them below. It asks for the Volume of box in cubic feet. Is it asking for the volume of the box in general before displacement, or is it...
  20. XORstatus

    NEW BUILD IDEA, need help with port dimensions :)

    Hello all I am designing a box for a SINGLE memphis MOJO 15. I am putting 1.2k watts to it daily. The OVERALL dimensions that I have worked out are 4cubic feet total. And the port tuned to 31 Hz is 14.5 x 2.15 x 25, I have to "U" turn the port which is giving me problems, I've never done...
  21. H

    Rockford Fosgate 15" T1 Box Help

    Hey all. I really need help with a box design like specs and things. Im new to the box building thing so please keep it simple. The box it for a 15" RF T1 4 ohm sub. Going in a 2000 Dodge Neon. the limitaions are 17" high and 35" wide. Depth doesn't really matter. Please help me out with...