1. F

    subwoofer wiring help

    hi, i have 2 hifonics brutus square subs 600rms max and 1200 peak. I do not know what is the best ohm settings. here is the manual for these subs from the manufacturer. i have radio and amp at 50hz. i know those subs aint much but they do hit quite hard for budget subs. gonna upgrade to solo...
  2. S

    Issues with 1ohm load

    So a while back I had a 1ohm stable mix amp that I wired to two alpine type a s subs. The ending load was 1 ohm but the amp acted like it was below and went into protect after a few min. So now I have a 1200w Rockford fosgate prime amp, I have two 12" p3 subs that are dual 4 ohm voice coils...
  3. RChillin

    Ohm Load affect SPL?

    Hi, I have a SoundQubed HDC3.15 Dual 1 ohm. Which is capable of handling up to 2k rms. Anyways, I first had it broken in by a pioneer gmd8601 at 1 ohms giving it 800 rms. I then moved up to a hifonics bre1600 and wired it down to 2 ohms to be safe (at 1 ohm I was clipping, could smell sub coil...
  4. S

    Amplifier Issue

    First post in this thread, I hope I do a thorough job. Alright so I'm planning to use a car subwoofer AT HOME. I was planning on using the Renegade GTR1200 subwoofer. 300 watts RMS, 4 ohm impedence, comes with enclosure. The problem I have when buying an amp, (which is what I need advice with)...
  5. B

    A speakers impedance

    I looked all over google for this answer and can't find it. What determines a speakers ohms? is it the voice coil, the magnet, or both? does the thickness of the voice coil or how long the coil is or how big the magnet is have anything to do with it?
  6. Dr. Slam

    speaker wiring help needed

    here's the deal: i have an mb quartz dsc 480. ( 80 x 4 at 4 ohms, 160 x 4 at 2 ohms, 320 bridged at 4 ohms ) i have 6 speakers that im trying to wire to this amp. 2 infinity kappa 962.9s ( 110w each at 2 ohm ), 2 infinity references 930.9s ( 110w each at 4 ohms ), 2 infinity kappa 52.9s ( 55w at...