1. Doxquzme

    COMPLETED Sonic blow out, Kappa 203S 2" mids $114.77 + tax!

    Hell of a deal, I think it may be the last day. If you're considering going to a 3 way, here's a great buy! You have to load them into your cart to see the discount, but it's for real! https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item-183269-Infinity-Kappa-203S.html
  2. B

    Upgrading 4 channel amp

    Hi all, I currently have a Blaupunkt 1500w 4 channel amp for my door speakers hooked up to 2 front KICKER - CS Series 6" x 9" and 2 rear Kicker DSC650 DS Series 6.5" but of course their RMS ratings for their amps are way lower than what they promote so I am thinking of upgrading to the Kicker...
  3. nyoc

    Trying to get an amp to see 2 ohms

    Taramps DS 250.2 with 2 DS18 crossovers 2 Soundqubed 8" midrange 2 Soundqubed super tweeters Trying to get the amp to see 2ohms, the speakers are single 4ohm What do I need to do?
  4. Wildcat420

    6.5 Midrange advice on speaker specs

    Hello all has anyone used these by chance? Looking to replace some old alpine 610c sps 6.5 comps. My amp can push 200 watts rms x 2 any suggestions on alternatives also appreciated.
  5. H

    COMPLETED AD designs 6.5 components and 3 inch mids

    I've got 2 sets of ad designs components brand new in box. And 2 sets of 3 inch mids These were bought as a high end line my shop wanted to carry, but we went another direction. I have: 1 set adcs631 6.5 components. Brand New in box $350 shipped obo 1 set adcs641 6.5 components. Missing...
  6. 2012 accord pillars

    2012 accord pillars

    Fiberglass pillars with Hertz mids and tweets
  7. 2012 accord pillars

    2012 accord pillars

    Fiberglass pillars with Hertz mids and tweets
  8. B

    Install Screwup?

    I need help. I picked up a replacement stereo for my 1994 Dodge from a wrecking yard. I installed it and it worked great. The next day everything sounded all midrange from all four speakers. So I decided to get an after market. I installed it and everything still sounds all midrange Is there...
  9. Loper23

    Any Info About MTX MR-408 Midrange?

    My friend picked up two MTX RoadThunder 4" Midrange speakers for $20. They are both 8 ohms rated for 100 watts RMS each (says so on the box). The model numbers are MR-408. I can't find any further info about them beyond the ohms and wattage that's on the box. The boxes look old, but I may be...
  10. H

    FS: Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia L3SE

    Item(s) for Sale: Hybrid Audio Technologies - L3SE Item(s) Description/Condition: Open Box, New Speakers with Slightly Damaged Box. Speakers are present and new. The box was slightly damage but there is no affect on the contents within the box. Price: $350.00 (PM for the quickest response)...
  11. B

    Sound All Around vs Upfront staging

    First I would like to explain what I mean about "Sound All Around". "Sound All Around" means, experiencing music from the artist or vocalist point of view performing with a live band. When a live band is performing all the instruments are either to the side of or behind the vocalist. I know...
  12. P

    Alternative to JBL C608GTI MKII component set. Need midrange!

    I've heard very good things about this set, but also that it lacks midrange and sound reproduction in some areas. From what I've heard they have amazing midbass and will rattle the **** out my doors, but what I really need is midrange and slightly cheaper if possible. I would listen and compare...
  13. DeadlySones

    Looking for a single (or pair) Hertz HD500 mid

    As the title states. Looking for a single or set of Hertz HD 500 midrange speakers. PM if you wanna sell em.
  14. Ninesvnsicks

    Midrange Sealed Enclosures?

    Does anyone know if there is a company in USA that sells something like these? Midrange Enclosure 3 Litre' I'm helping my dad with his home stereo and we have a couple of 6.5" mids we need to make enclosures for and something like this would be perfect but it would be faster and maybe cost...