1. tjkollmeyer

    can you sync RGB-LED strips to be powered by bass?

    Hi, i was wondering if i would be able to have rbg color changing led strips be powered by my 4 channel amp (wired into rear speakers perhaps) so that the leds would pulse to the bass frequencies while still maintaining their ability to change colors. ive done this before but only with solid...
  2. J

    LED Strips in Doors

    I had an idea to put LED strips in my door by the speakers, so they will shine through the holes in the door from the speaker. But I want them to flash with the music. I've heard that you can just wire them to the speaker, and that they will get power and go with the music. But would that...
  3. L

    Can I use a relay to wire lights to a speaker?

    I want to wire some LED strips to the bass speakers in my car so that they will light up to the music. I reason that you cant wire the lights in parallel with the speaker because the lights can blow with too much volume. I also read that it will trash the sound quality. ? Anyway, my plan is to...
  4. G

    Subwoofer losing power?

    Gday Guys, first post here. So basically, i have a 500W amp, 2 channel. powering 2x 1400w Subwoofers (1 channel each) but recently i bought a slick set of neons to wire in. i want the lights to "flash" in time with the subs "doofing" so currently i added the light/switch into the circuit of...
  5. J

    i need help how to disable flashing parking lights feature ?

    my car is a 1990 Honda CRX Si, and it has a Clifford Arrow II alarm system, which a shop installed back in 1999. the alarm works fine except one problem that has to do with the feature that flashes the parking lights....... sometimes after arming or disarming, the parking lights get...
  6. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  7. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  8. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  9. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  10. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  11. My Truck!

    My Truck!

    I replaced the engine that was re-engineered to give a little more power, but also to help with oil circulation. i did all the painting myself
  12. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  13. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  14. My Truck!

    My Truck!

    There was not an inch of the inside of the truck that didn't recieve sound deadening
  15. My Truck!

    My Truck!

    I removed EVERYTHING from the inside of the truck
  16. Austin52

    LEDs that pulse to the subs

    i really really want to buy some LED strips and wire them so they will pulse to the beat of my subs. How exactly do i do that? would i hook them right up to the output on my amp?
  17. C

    Subwoofer LEDs Help

    Hey, I know I risk looking like a complete idiot by admitting this, but I'm putting 2 12" Streetglow LED strips alongside my sub box. The only installation instructions say to connect the ground and the power to their respective sources. What I want to do is make them flash to the beat, much in...
  18. D

    Help with headlights when the bass hits

    On some songs my headlights dash lights disappear when the bass hits i am running a big system 1600 watts and my little camry cant handle all the power how do i fix this i was told caps **** and ruin alternators. I have heard high output alternator and or battery. but i kinda wanna just hook up...