LED Strips in Doors


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May 2, 2016
Ogden, UT
I had an idea to put LED strips in my door by the speakers, so they will shine through the holes in the door from the speaker. But I want them to flash with the music. I've heard that you can just wire them to the speaker, and that they will get power and go with the music. But would that decrease speaker performance noticeably and would it be safe?

I do have an amp, but I didn't want to run wires that far. Or do I just have to get sound activated lights?



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Jun 28, 2011
Id be concerned about Gaining some unwanted noise every time those lights come one with the speaker.id also be concerned about the flashing while driving down the Highway or on the road at night.Id recommend not doing it at all..If so, prob be best to add a realy.Beena few years since ive messed with lighting up speakers in a Show vehicle..Not sure how LED lighting performs..im sure they would run Cooler than the older lighting that needed some rest time to cool down



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May 2, 2016
Ogden, UT
I did not think about them flashing while I'm driving. I have a switch I can add them to, but then I'm not sure how I could get them to flash..



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Feb 10, 2016
Mountain Home, ID
Also have to consider that most commercial strips are 12V, so if you're running anything over that, you'll blow em. Best bet would be what I'm trying to do for a buddy....get a sound activated controller and strip and then install an RCA input in place of the mic for direct input from the HU. I'm still in the process of trying to figure it out. lol



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Jun 2, 2018
I have the RED amazon strips attached to my subwoofer in the back. No problems at all. And I slam it pretty **** loud. I think I am running about 325W RMS out of the Aura AMP. THey barely go on full brightness play playing unless I REALLY turn on the bass knob. THese strips are made to handle 14.5 volts from your car, so your good. THe built in resistors do take a pounding, but you can always add resistors to the set up if you need to or just a christmas incandescent bulb to the thing in series if you need to protect your LED's.

I did this a WHILE ago with my IKEA LED strips I purchased. And that wa with about 200W max about to the Subwoofers.



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Jul 24, 2005
Quantum Audio.....Same as Boss.

Flashy lights here are illegal.


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