1. chopstick

    RC 350 help?

    Hello - let’s be honest. i’ve tried to read and understand y’all but i just can’t get my brain to function. you’re gonna have to really use like.. dumb words for me to understand. i recently purchased a 2016 RC 350 Fsport. i pick it up in 4 days. doesn’t have the ML sound, so i’m sure it’s...
  2. F

    Is my amp dead?

    I just got an RF500x1d amp and kicker CompR VCWR122 sub installed in my non-ML 2006 Lexus IS250 yesterday, and afterwards the guys at the shop said theres no audio at all coming out of my car. They think they might have killed my factory amp somehow by moving it around, citing that it’s 13 years...
  3. M

    Greetings from new user and request of advice to upgrade stock system Lexus RC300h

    Hi foks, First post here, just joined and I look forward to learning about Car Audio from all of you, seasoned mobile audiophiles I recently took delivery of a 2016 Lexus RC300h and I'm underwhelmed by the quality (or lack thereof) of the stock audio system. I know I should have gone for the...
  4. lexus is250

    lexus is250

  5. lexus is250

    lexus is250

  6. 99 lexus sc300

    99 lexus sc300

  7. 99 lexus sc300

    99 lexus sc300