1. maylar

    Footwell lights

    I have acquired a 2010 Cadillac DTS and I want to add footlights to the front. Apparently they were only standard on the "Platinum" trim level, and mine is just a "Luxury II". Who would have guessed that a $50,000 car would not have them. Anyway, the factory parts are not available anywhere, so...
  2. tjkollmeyer

    can you sync RGB-LED strips to be powered by bass?

    Hi, i was wondering if i would be able to have rbg color changing led strips be powered by my 4 channel amp (wired into rear speakers perhaps) so that the leds would pulse to the bass frequencies while still maintaining their ability to change colors. ive done this before but only with solid...
  3. P

    Need help installing LED strips

    I'm putting some LED strips in my car and I'm new to this so I need some help. Here's my set up: I will have 3 different circuits; under my dash and under my seats (4 strips), all 4 doors (4 strips), and my trunk (2 strips). I want the ones under my dash and seats wired into my gauge lights. I...
  4. N

    LED wiring

    i have a sub box that has led lights built in i would like to hook them up so that they pulse with the bass but im not sure how to go about doing this any tips are appreciated, also any sites where i could get info
  5. C

    LED Brightness

    So I've hooked up 4 LED strips to my amp and a switch, like this: ---LED-----LED------TOGGLE SWITCH----LED-------LED--------- |____(+)Speaker Terminal on Amp (-)Sp. Terminal on Amp___| (That's all 4 LEDs in series drawing power from the amp, with a switch in the middle.) So all 4 are getting...
  6. Austin52

    LEDs that pulse to the subs

    i really really want to buy some LED strips and wire them so they will pulse to the beat of my subs. How exactly do i do that? would i hook them right up to the output on my amp?
  7. C

    Subwoofer LEDs Help

    Hey, I know I risk looking like a complete idiot by admitting this, but I'm putting 2 12" Streetglow LED strips alongside my sub box. The only installation instructions say to connect the ground and the power to their respective sources. What I want to do is make them flash to the beat, much in...