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  1. C

    I need help! I have one kicker 12” L7s 4ohm and one kicker L7r 2ohm going to a mono block amp.

    So I have a boat and I redid the upholstery, and decided to upgrade my audio. My boat already had one L7s in it, so bring me and getting all excited, I jumped the gun and bought a L7r 2ohm and a mono block amp to run them both. Well I was dumb and did my research after purchasing my equipment...
  2. I

    Closing ported box, idea or?

    thanks yall
  3. I

    Help me understand what size box i should get etc...

    Thanks everyone, this post is closed
  4. Pistol863pete3387

    ⁸Which model sundown 10? Xv?1?2?3?

    I have this big guy need watts n specs identifying. Can anyone help
  5. Cbunch92

    Skar TXL 18

    Hello I'm looking to see if anyone may have any skar TXL 18in baskets laying in there graveyard I'm need some so bad as I've got 4 motors 2 are already 18s but two are 15s and I want to make 18s any help or leads on some would forever be grateful thanks
  6. O

    Help choosing an amplifier for my sub

    This is my first time ever doing this as I have only just bought my first sub so I know absolutely nothing about this. So I have bout a Sony xplod sub but have no clue what amplifier to buy as the RMS is 350watts and the peak is 1200 and anyone advise on what to buy? I'll add a photo of the subs...
  7. momeigs

    2 different types of subs in the same trunk?

    I currently have two separate Rockford Fosgate P300-12s which are built in amp powered enclosures. I want to upgrade my system and put in two Skar Audio SDR 12s. I bought the package that comes with the 1500w rms amp and the subs in a pre built enclosure tuned to 32Hz. I’m wondering if I can...
  8. J

    Overheating amp?

    First of all Do not reply if you don't have an actual answer for me... I'm running a 2100 watt single channel 2 ohm stable gravity amp. I was running one Rockford fosgate p2 15 wired to two ohms and the amp ran it great, i put in the other 15 wired it at two ohms and then put both wires into the...