Help with fixing my box


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Jul 28, 2013
Alright well I went ahead and built a box for my hdc3 15 with an aero port and the tuning did not sound right according to the psp port tuning tool. I designed the box to be 4.25 cu ft and I even went over my dimensions multiple times to ensure I had them right. I busted out my tape measure and sure enough, my box is at 4.95 cu ft. I don't know how I did it, I checked the volume of what the inside of the box should be multiple times before building it so I'm still baffled. Currently I only have 1000w running to it, but within the next couple of weeks it'll be 2000w after I install a ho alternator and new amp. I have two questions.

1. Should I cut the box down or just leave it at 4.95 cu ft.

2. I only have 1 6" aero port. Should I make two 6" ports or change it to be a single 8" port?

Thanks in advance.


bbeljefe Elite
Jul 19, 2013
Shreveport, LA
Need more information. All you're telling us is that tuning doesn't sound right.

It could be too low, too high, too noisy...

What thickness is the material you made the box from?

Nails or screws?

Did you use glue and did you ensure that there are no leaks in the cabinet?

Is the baffle double layered and are there braces in the box?

The more info you share the better help you'll get....



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Jul 28, 2013
I used 3/4" mdf since I couldn't find any local stores with 1". I have no braces installed. I used carpenters glue, 2" drywall screws, and used silicon caulk. I did not double layer anything. There are no air leaks besides the air flowing through the port.

The tuning was off because I had entered the wrong volume into the psp calculator. The box was supposed to be 4.25 cu and I somehow made 4.95. After re measuring it and entered 4.95 into the calculator the tuning seemed correct. Right now I have 1000w rms going to it but soon it'll be 2000w. I only have one 6" PVC aero port. Should I add an additional 6" port or make it into a single 8" port? Also, is 4.95 cu ft too big? I can easily chop it down, I have plenty of room to work with.


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