ground loop

  1. Jackson_lmr

    Ground Loop, Engine Noise

    Alright, so I’m having engine noise and static in the speakers. Here’s what I’ve done to attempt to fix it so far: 1. Power and ground straight from battery to head unit (grounded from back of head unit to battery negative) 2. Grounded rcas to back of head unit. 3. Checked grounds, all...
  2. K

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on

    Low hz rumble though sub only while stereo is on i have 2 0awg power and 2 0awg grounds plus aditional grounds connecting bed and cab of truck to frame. seems like a ground loop but i cant find it. i have a skar zvx15d.2 v.3 and a RP2000D
  3. Deluxe_Fox

    Alternator whine

    I have tried so many things but none worked so far. I have a JVC KW-DB93BT and a McHammer Mystic 5.1 amp. When i connect 1 RCA cable to my amp from my head unit there is no whine, but as soon as i put in the other RCA cable into the head unit alternator noise starts coming from the speakers that...
  4. D

    New Stereo Install Interference

    Video of the problem here > Just installed a new Power Acoustik double din unit in a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP.My constant power, ground, and speakers matched up perfectly. I ran an Add a fuse to the fuse box for switched power. I used the Power Ant wire to...
  5. R

    Will Ground-Loop destroy my sub?

    I just got done installing, when I turn up the gain the humming is more pronounced, I don't really care if it's there. It's pretty muffled in my trunk anyways, but will it damage my sub? How badly? Will it blow it? Or just reduce its life?
  6. P

    Ground loop help! Im going crazy. Please

    Hey guys, hows it going? Im new to this forum and just wanna introduce myself and a problem im having. I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS and I am having that dreaded ground loop (or some issue, im not sure) Whenever I turn the ignition to accessory, the speakers come on and sub comes on but...
  7. MellowHype

    Changing location of ground. Quick Question.

    Im getting whining noises through my front speakers, also some pops and cracks. I re routed my shielded RCA's down the other side of the vehicle to the power and remote lead, but the noise is still there. It seems to be a little better than before but its still there. Im going to move my ground...
  8. O

    Help me solve my never ending ground loop

    Ok, I think I tried everything, but hopefully someone can help me out. I have a buzzing sound coming from my speakers(tweeters and mids) when the engine is on. There is no buzzing sound when the music is playing or paused when the engine is off. Here is what I'm running: -Kenwood X994...