fi audio

  1. F

    Any info?

    Has anyone used the atomic subs recently? look at an ELE 15....anyone know if it could be a good daily sub? Can get one for a pretty good price but cant fine much info about them. Was also looking at the FI SSD V4.... anyone with any knowledge on these would be great....would go in the back of...
  2. B

    2 - Fi Q 15s Brand New

    Item(s) for Sale: Brand New still in box and plastic from company Specs: (D2: Dual 2 Ohm, Cooling: Yes , Dust Cap: Chrome, P Chamfer: No, High QTS: Yes, Spider: No, I Heat Ring: No, Internal Lead: No) $300 shipped each OBO / No need for any trades Will be shipped through UPS Item Pictures...
  3. M

    sq 18 sub

    i going to do 1 18 and i need a sub that sound good and get very low these are my choices fi ssd , fi q, ssa xcon, or sundown x i have had the rest of the brands these are the only 4 i haven't had yet which 1 will get the lowest and sound the best in a 8 cubic ported enclosure any info please...
  4. M

    sq sub that get low

    hello im looking at 1 18 sub to get low and sound great my 2 choices are the fi audio q or the sundown x18
  5. G

    Fi SP4 15", SAZ-1500 V.3, BXi1600, Mechman Alt

    Item(s) for Sale: Fi Car Audio SP4 15" has extra spider and cooling, Dual 2 - $480obo shipped to the 48 states Sundown Audio SAZ-1500D V.3 - $400obo shipped Hifonics Brutus BXi1610D - $220 shipped Mechman 240amp Alt made for the 2GR-FSE (Lexus) 3.5 V6 - $300 about 45 feet of xscorpion 1/0...
  6. K

    Which option?

    Ok so basically one of my subs blew on my average *** system so i was thinking about replacing it. My options as of now are 2 Fi Bl 12s fully loaded in a sealed box or 1 Fi sp4 15 inch sub fully loaded in a ported box. here are the stats for both the subs. Basically im looking for something that...
  7. conor_thompson

    alpine question

    Does alpine make an 18" sub? I was thinking about getting a FI BL18" for my next sub but I was just wonderng if alpine makes one and if its in the price range of the BL
  8. E

    Hifonics BRZ 1700.1d at less than 1 ohm?

    So i have an Fi Bl 18 and a Hifonics BRZ 1700.1d. i bought them from a friend and he told me he had it wired to one ohm but when i asked him what he did to wire it down, he could not remember, which made me skeptical. I have read that of the dual 2 ohm Fi Bl, the coils read an actual 1.7-1.8...
  9. T

    NEED HELP! 2006 GMC sierra extended cab

    Hey guys I need some help. I'm fairly new to Car Audio but am already becoming a enthusiast. I want to run, preferably, a pair of Fi BL 10's ported somewhere in the range of 32-32 Hz. As you know there is not much room under the seat of a extended cab truck, but I have seen it done. This is all...
  10. daveishome

    RE vs Fi

    Just got an RE sxx 15" and a JL 1000/1d. I regret it lol. I want a Fi BL15 because for almost the same price it's a ******* beast. Trying to sell my RE now, not even a month old. You just can't compare RE's new stuff with Fi.
  11. T

    Whats the best amp for my setup?

    I have 1 15" Fi Audio BL fully loaded. I know the sub stock is 1500 watt rms I'm not sure fully loaded.
  12. Sketchup

    Box for Fi Q15

    If I were to buy a Fi Q15 would a area in my 98 toyota corolla trunk fit a ported box for it? the rough measurement are about 15 high, 20 deep, and about 30 wide. Would mdf need to be thicker than 3/4"?
  13. ezekial130

    (2) 12" Fi Qs D1

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) 12" Fi Qs D1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Both are in fine working condition. One sub has a hole in the surround which has been siliconed and does not affect the SQ or sub at all. Pictures on photobucket show oxidation of the magnets, but the majority of it has been...
  14. Guyver

    ed 13av.2?

    Don't really know much about this subwoofer, but thinking about replacing my FI Q 12 with this one. What do you guys think? Will it sound better than my FI? BTW, plan on powering it with a mb quart onxy 1500.1D.
  15. Why So Cereal?

    FS: 18" Fi Q asking $125

    Item(s) for Sale: 18" Fi Q Subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: anyone can vouch that this is a good sounding sub. mine, though, has a burnt voice coil (just on one side) and i dont really want to recone it so my loss is your gain. sub is fully loaded (all options) dual 2 ohm sub...
  16. Guyver

    Subwoofers questions...

    I came across some Pyramid subs PW1586X and volfenhag woofer, I have heard great things about them...what do you guys think? Also, one of my buddy recommends legacy LA2889 2 channel amp. He said by far legacy is one of the best company out there.
  17. thumpin'

    2 RE MT 15" DVC 2ohm subwoofers

    So my search for an amp has not been lucky,while i've found 2 BNIB RE MT 15 DVC 2 OHM subs at a price i could not pass up.Now i'm here with 3 re mt 15's and still no amp.So i want to trade 2 of the subs 1 used(in my avatar) 1 bnib mt's for like a sundown saz-3000/3500 or such.One of the new subs...
  18. Somchine13

    AQ1200d or hifonics BRZ 1200.1 and BRZ 1700.1?

    I'm looking for a good amp to push my FI Q 12, but can't decide which one is better. Just wondering if any of you guys out there have had experienced with these amp.
  19. Somchine13

    MB Quart ONX1.1500D amp

    NOOB HERE!!! Would a single 12 inch Fi Q be okay powering by a MB Quart ONX1.1500D amp? Also, this is going in a 09 Camry and do I have to do any elect. upgrades?
  20. S

    Help help help!!!

    Guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading to 2 Fi BTL 12" and running each of them on a AQ2200D (audioque). How will i go about wiring this and what, on the electrical side, will have to be upgraded. 2 batteries ? and new alternator? i will be running around 4400 watts RMS. Please let me...
  21. J

    WTB: Fi Audio!!! BL 12

    Looking for a FI BL 12 D2 asap. I have one already but would like to add another to my set up. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Would also be interested in: 2 12in Q's or 2 12 in SSDs or Q15 or BL15
  22. K

    SOLD F/s & F/T Digital Designs 3512 dual 2

    -Digital designs 3512 dual 2 ohm with the custom carbon fiber dust cap. There is a small smudge on one of the D's in the decal but its in great shape. Cosmetically 8.5/10 and mechanically 10/10. I have two but im only gonna be running one. Handles 1000 rms easily. Asking for $250 + shipping or...