1. Tim21Va

    1 Ohm or 2 Ohm load? Confused.

    I've been trying to help a friend hook up some DVC 2-Ohm CVX's to a mono amp for the past 2 weeks, but it seems that old amp isnt working(one pictured MTX 1500..old Jackhammer amp) so I am going to use my old amp, T-1500bdcp Rockford Power that used to be hooked up to the subs. Here is my...
  2. lukehester

    NEED HELP!!!

    Okay, i'm new to car audio and need some insight. So i have 2 DVC SA-12 subs @ 2 ohms per coil. My amp is a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1d that is 2000w @ 1 ohm and 1000w @ 2 ohms. The amp is a monoblock so it has only 1 channel, but has 2 positive terminals and 2 negative terminals. My goal is to get...
  3. Jgrif593

    Monoblock Amp with Two Sets of Terminals wired Parallel

    I have a Skar RP-800.1D, it is a monoblock with 2 sets of speaker terminals. I know that this is for easier wiring/ more space for wires. My question is when I wire this into my DVC sub, can I just run + to +, + to +, - to -, and - to -, and would this end up as parallel wiring? -For any...
  4. H

    Dual voice coil wiring

    Hello, I'm currently ordering a new subwoofer for my system, it's a Ground Zero GZRW 12D2. I'm using a Ground Zero 2155X amplifier which is underpowering the sub but it isn't a matter because I will be getting a new amp soon. My question is, the sub has 2x 2Ohm coils. My amplifier can put out...
  5. K

    Wiring question----

    I know there hasn't been much activity on this thread but I have seen two different wiring diagrams and could use some help explaining? I have Fosgate P300-1 = 300rms x1 2ohms Have a Fosgate P2 DVC 4ohm. The diagrams for DVC 4ohm from 2ohm amp varied. Crutchfield has a different wiring...
  6. D

    DVC to two channel amp

    Is it possible to run a DVC sub and run each coil to one channel on my amp? My amp is not stable at 2ohm in bridged mode and running one lead to each channel on my amp is the only way to hook up a sub somebody is trying to give me for cheap.
  7. H

    Need installation advice!!!

    Right now i have upraded my sub box and amp but going from my old amp to new amp and box isnt turning out to be as easy as it should. I have an eclipse ae2000 amp and a alpine type r 10 inch dvc sub but all the labeling on the amp is unfamiliar to what i have delt with in the past. Now i have a...
  8. G

    3 2ohm DVC subs wired to 1ohm?

    Alright, guys, so I have three DVC 10s that are 2ohm/coil and a monoblock amp. I need to split 1000w x 3 subs. They are rated 250 RMS a piece/500w max. What I need to know is how to wire them to change the 2ohms to 1ohm. They will be running from only one channel. I have searched around all over...
  9. CivicRF

    JBC Sub Specs? & Pictures!

    It's a JBC (just be cool) 10" 500watt dual voice coil sub. I got it for free from my girlfriend's dad who was a huge bass junkie back in the day. I know it's probably not good quality but it was free, and if it blows up, then oh well, I can get a new one. The sub came with no box or instruction...
  10. D

    Need help finding the right AMP!

    I'm pretty certain that the amp i got running my two subs is dangerously underpowered, which means i need to get a new one. I need help on matching an amp powerful enough to push both subs safely. The subs i have are 2 10" Audiobahn ALUM 10J. SUBWOOFERS The specs are: Power handling: 800 RMS...