door speakers

  1. cmartinez73

    2 vs 3 vs 4 way 6.5"s

    which is better for door speakers (6.5) 2 way vs 3 vs 4? what are the pros and cons whats better for a system with 2 12s so i want high clarity?
  2. A

    No audio from door speakers after replacing battery.

    I’ve replaced my battery multiple times before, but this is the first time this issue happened. I have an alpine era g320 eq connected to an amp going to an kenwood deck Along with a subwoofer with its own amp. Funny enough they both have power but only the subwoofer has music sending through...
  3. Bia88

    Help me with some loud mids/highs

    I am new to this and I need help to get some door speakers and tweeters if I need that also. I have 2 12 KICKER COMPVT and a 3000w rockville amp, and Id like some really loud mids and highs to go good with this setup. Can y'all help me out? Going in Mazda Tribute Stock door speakers are 6×8
  4. B

    6x9 or 6.5?

    So I have a stock toyota tacoma and i want to upgrade the audio. I have infinity kappas 6.5s in an s10 I dont drive anymore along with a 4 channel amp. Im trying to decide if I should buy new 6x9s or just use the other 6.5s i have. Eventually I want to get another amp for a sub but for now I...
  5. K

    Help needed

    I installed Memphis 6x9 speakers in my 2008 impala. Today whenever I went to install my front door speakers I found out my aftermarket door Speakers that I purchased from a buddy are 6 3/4 instead of 6.5. So, I hooked the stock speakers back up for the time being. They worked just fine today...
  6. A

    Audi door speaker depth . Help

    Hey everyone have a 2008 audi a6 base model . Im having a shop put in new door speakers. Im reading a bunch of different things as to what speakers fit. Can some one help me from past expierence please. I want them to be able to put them right in with our customizing anything. Thanks everyone
  7. J

    Wiring speakers to a deck

    Hey, i currently have 4 6x9's running off and amp which sounds great. I have 2 12s with separate amps and I want more highs to balance with the bass. I'm planning on getting two more 6x9s and running them on my deck while the other 4 are on theyre own amp, but the 50 watts per channel from my...
  8. C

    2011 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Stereo Upgrade Suggestions

    Hey Folks, Brand newbie here. I am currently in the process of upgrading my factory Alpine stereo for my truck. Next purchase is front and rear door speakers. Shortly after that I want to upgrade the factory Sub. In order to save some money on the Sub I would like to keep the Sub at 8" and use...
  9. M

    nd help rewiring frt spkrs

    i had mb quarts dr spkrs w/ external x overs in the trunk.Got some new focals to replace them with,the focals have an internal xover.I thoght this would be easy,but Im having problems.I removed the old x overs.So now im looking at 4wires in the speaker opening,red,green,white,black,on both...
  10. G

    trying to wire my door speakers to my amp? help.

    Hey guys. newbie here.. im trying to wire my front door speakers to my amp but im having a problem. the amp is a rockford fosgate 201s and it works fine. so what i did was used JL audio speaker wire to rca adapters. i hooked one up to the left front speaker output on my head unit, then ran an...
  11. B

    SOLD Set Of Blaupunkt GTc652 6" 2 way component speakers in nice shape for $25 shipped

    Item(s) for Sale: Set of Blaupunkt GTc652 component car audio speakers. Item(s) Description/Condition: Great shape, sound good. Will handle 45w RMS and 120w peak. 4 ohm. Set of two. Metal woofers!! Price: Asking $25.00 shipped, or best offer. Please PM or call 865-229-2042 and ask for...