1. Dylan Woods


    to whoever reads this, I am extremely naive on car audio. I have a 2014 Dodge Avenger with a 600W Kicker Amp with 2 12” Kicker Subs. They recently stopped working going in and out only staying on for maybe 3 seconds. I took it to a garage and they said my amp wasn’t strong enough everything kept...
  2. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  3. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  4. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  5. Corvette Pics

    Corvette Pics

  6. E

    Amplifier with factory radio

    Hello I'm new to the forum. I am trying to connect an amplifier to a 2011 Dodge Charger se to the factory radio, I have a pretty good Idea how the installation is, but I read on a different forum that The radio won't send the signal to the amp for the speakers. ( I plan on replacing the stock...
  7. TheJesus

    FS: Mechman 320A (fits Dodge 3.5L)

    1. Product: Mechman 320A fits Dodge 3.5L V6 2. Specs: 320A Rated 168A @ 800 RPM 321A @ 1800 RPM Fits 3.5L V6 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep engines (05-up I believe) 3. Description/Condition: Been on a 2010 SXT Charger 3.5L V6 for less than 2 months, like new basically. I would recommend...

    Headunit Wiring

    I am wiring in a deck for my friend. and she has the most afro engineered car ive seen... Its rediculous. Jumpers to ductape, wires hanging from the console to under the floor mats. Speaker wire all over the place. There are jumpers to more jumpers, to the original wire harness. Its a mess. But...
  9. Flex68

    H.O. alt for Dodge Ram

    Want one for a 2008 Ram 1500 with 5.7L Hemi. Need minimum 200A, on up to 300A....
  10. P

    Help with 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan Stereo Install

    Hi. I am not a professional. I have installed two stereos in two cars before this but that was pretty easy. Both cars were pretty new. I am now trying to install a pioneer stereo in my friends 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan and we have run into nothing but issues. We bought all the basics; a wire...
  11. Joseph7195

    Dodge Ram Sub enclosure for SSA ICON

    A couple weeks ago I made a decision to try something new with my truck, and to try a new brand of sub I have never tried before. This is a couple pics of the build. Jason, at Mobile Enclosures mapped my truck responses and sub characteristics (and probably a million things I know nothing...
  12. M

    Need radio wiring help for a 1989 Dodge Caravan

    I am trying to install a pioneer stereo into an '89 Dodge Caravan. I am making my own wiring harnesses using the old radio connectors (which I have removed from the OEM radio's circuit board). My two main questions are: Where should I ground the new stereo? (The old radio had a flat braided...
  13. porksoda

    My buddy 85 Dodge Omni GLH-T

    Well we wanted to make a video of his car so I decided to record it on my new camera/camcorder(Kodak zi8). I also worked my movie making skill out on it lol. Not very good but I think I did ok. Well enjoy. Car info: As far as I know it is a completely restored 1985 Dodge Omni GLH-T. The...
  14. J

    Help choosing a head unit, complete newbie

    Hello everyone. I have a Dodge Caravan 2006 and I want to replace the factory radio/CD. The features I'm looking for : MP3 with local storage and USB to transfer files Bluetooth hands-free for my phone CD, Radio Cheap I need basic sound quality, nothing fancy. Can someone recommend a...
  15. H

    RE-installation help PICS!!!

    alright so old HU was stolen got a used replacement and, now have no idea what im doing. old unit was installed prior to me owning and it looks pretty "rigged" shop wanted 300 for parts and labor but i KNOW thats not right.. would like to try an tackle myself w your help.. i am not electrical...
  16. N

    2 JL 10w3v3 subs sealed 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 standard cab

    Im putting in 2 JL 10w3v3 4ohm subs in my truck. sealed and seprate boxes, one behind driver and one behind passenger. I have a good deal/friend and will be running a MTX jackhammer JH1200 (800w 4ohm (400 per sub)). Just wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to install these subs. Im...
  17. 17yrs old. Another one of my builds...

    17yrs old. Another one of my builds...

    built it when i was 16. 2 cvr 10's with a MA amp. sealed with a custom plexi kicker logo. fiberglass/mdf bottom. i built this last year for a dodge ram.