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    Head Unit & General Suggestions? 2012 Cadillac CTS

    Hey all, I have a 2012 Cadillac CTS - 3.0L V6 AWD, base model. This style was produced from 2008-2013 and until literally December 2015 - Early 2016, no Metra Kit/Kits were available that I know of. This is the new kit When I bought this car (one of my favorite cars since they came out in...
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    2010 CTS: Need advice on sub

    Hey everyone, new member here.. I have been looking around for a new setup for my 2010 CTS so thought I'd drop in for some opinions. I have a JL 1000/1 to use but not sure the sub set up to use in this specific car. I am trying to reserve as much trunk space as possible so if I could get...
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    Should I keep Solo-barics or go for something different?

    I drive a Cadillac CTS and I have 2 of the 8" L7 Solobarics and a Kicker ZX850.2 2 Channel Amp, I havent bought my box yet tho and now Im really second thinking the solo barics. The 8" are 450w RMS 900w each so I figure that would be plenty of amp for them. Has anybody really heard the 8"...