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    Question about the wayback machine

    Good day all. I have a question regarding olde tyme head unit Bluetooth compatibility. I recently (today) purchased a 20 year old head unit (Pioneer Carrozzeria FH-P005MD) & would like to know if it's compatible with this Pioneer Bluetooth adapter right here. It's not a make-or-break issue, as...
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    Car Stereo Compatibility

    Hi all, I am unsure of something and am hoping somebody would have the answer, I am looking to update my Hyundai Tucson 2006 single din stereo to a touchscreen stereo with android auto. The stereo says it supports android 10, however as my phone is android 13 will this mean it would not work?
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    Questions about setup compatibility and tuning

    Just a heads up, I’m still pretty new to car audio but I’m finding that I really enjoy it and it’s become somewhat of a therapeutic hobby for me, though I’m only working with entry level components right now. Please bear with me. I put a Kenwood KAC 6202 Amp (RMS Power Output: 60 Watts x 2...
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    AI Net compatibility on Alpine CDA series?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me with a solid, reliable answer on this... Apologies for the long thread, but I feel it is best to explain the situation thoroughly. I have an Alpine CDA-9884 that I bought new around 2008. I used its built-in iPod control, but never explored its other...
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    Is my sub and amp compatible with the wiring that's already set up?

    I recently bought a new car that has had a sony head unit installed with sub and amp in the boot but they removed their sub and amp. I recently have been given an older sub and amp and would love to plug it in but I'm unsure if the cords are right, any help would be appreciated cheers There...
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    Optimizing my home theatre with car audio? Help me...

    Experts, Can you tell me how I should go about optimizing my system. I'm using car audio equipment in a home theatre set-up. So hopefully I'm posting in the right place. My receiver is an Emerson home CD player with RCA to a kenwood kac7201 or an eclipse ea2000car amplifier. Powering the amp is...