1. amix

    Refoaming Vintage Clarion SE-9450 4-way Speakers

    Hi, I found a pair of 30 years old, oval shaped Clarion SE-9450 4(!)-way speakers, 150W max. input from my first days with a car. I want to add them to my dad's old car on a soundboard (car is a liftback). Sadly, the foam disintegrates from just looking at it. 😃 Problem: It seems, the web has...
  2. P


    Clarion DCZ625 Pro Audio 6 CD Changer (DCZ-625): Brand NEW in the box. Details: Six discs of music are at your beck and call with the Clarion ProAudio DCZ625 CD changer. And you'll enjoy superior performance, thanks to a zero-bit detector that eliminates noise when no audio signal is present...
  3. S

    Import Garmin Favorites to Clarion NX605

    I just installed a Clarion NX605 into my car. I like everything about the system except that I've been a Garmin user for over 5 years and all my customers sites are saved as Garmin Favorites. I have exported the Garmin Favs to a .gpx file. I need to import the favorites into the Clarion NX605...
  4. I

    Clarion CX501 Problem

    I recently had my car battery replaced. I am not sure if this has anything to do with my problem, but when the unit comes on the display just says FAIL. I can not do anything other than turn the unit off. If I hit the display button while it is off it will show the time, my phone shows it is...
  5. Clarion


    cd Player
  6. Clarion


    cd Player
  7. B

    Clarion DUZ385SAT Double Din CD/USB In Dash Receiver **Stuck In Dimmer Mode**

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion DUZ385SAT Double Din CD/USB In Dash Receiver ***Display Is Stuck In NightTime Dimmer Mode*** **You Can Still See The Display During The Day But It Is Very Faint** **And Or Course At Night The Display Looks Amazing** It Does Work USB,CD Player, AM/FM Radio All...
  8. A

    Clarion Vz401

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion Vz401 Item(s) Description/Condition: I have a 2 week old Clarion Vz401 for sale. The unit is in perfect condition, still has all the plastic on the screen. Im selling it because it doesnt fit too good in my car and I prefer single dins. Works well with ipods and...
  9. trumpet

    Used Clarion CZ702 3-way Active

    Item(s) for Sale: Used Clarion CZ702 3-way Active Item(s) Description/Condition: This is the one everyone has been talking about. This is the best value in "3-way active" head units currently in production. Has a year of use on it. Faceplate has the usual light scratches you'd expect. I...
  10. trumpet

    Clarion VX404 Quick Look

    With a newer phone that supports the latest BT protocol, as well as the HDMI cable to mirror your phone's screen, this head unit will really change your dash. The user interface is very quick. Boot-up time is just a few seconds.
  11. A

    Clarion VZ401 - No sound

    So a couple weeks back my headunit stopped working, kinda. The Clarion still lights up and starts like it should but when I try to play a song I get no sound from my interior speakers, only my sub. Someone told me that it was a fuse in the Clarion that blew but idk what could it be. Has this...
  12. D

    Clarion EQS746 Install Concern

    So, I have a JVC KD S16 2.5volt Head Unit and a PPi 5440 amp and 15" PB sub. The only speaker powered by a amp is my Sub, and my door speakers are run by the HU. The system sounds decent and clear and pounds BUT i feel like it can sound clearer so i just ordered a Clarion Eq746 7volt to clear up...
  13. trumpet

    Clarion CX201 CD Double DIN

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion CX201 2-DIN CD/USB/MP3/WMA RECEIVER Item(s) Description/Condition: New CD/USB/MP3/WMA Playback   3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Input (Front)   Front USB Port with iPod Direct Connect Capabilities   Sirius Direct Connect Ready   HD Radio Ready with Optional THD301  ...
  14. trumpet

    Clarion M502 Marine Mechless Single DIN

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion M502 MARINE DIGITAL MEDIA RECEIVER WITH BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new This was pulled from a Harley Davidson upgrade project in progress before the customer took delivery. As a Clarion dealer we can get you one of several RF remote...
  15. K

    Clarion VX409 for trade or sale

    i have a clarion VX409 head unit and clarion NP509 navigation. together i am willing to sell for around 400. Or willing to trade head unit for clarion VZ709, VX709, or VZ509 head unit. OR trade both unit and nav for a clarion NX501. Let me know what you guys have!
  16. trumpet

    Clarion XC6610 6-channel Marine

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion XC6610 1 in stock Item(s) Description/Condition: New The XC line of amplifiers by Clarion is their full range Class D design. Instead of doing separate models for the car and marine markets there's just the single marine line. FEATURES 1,000 Watts of Maximum...
  17. trumpet

    Reviews of Clarion Car/Marine Amplifiers

    We've been focusing more on Clarion beginning this spring, and I thought some of you might find these reviews of Clarion amplifiers helpful for planning your future upgrades. XC1410 review by Performance Auto and Sound magazine XC6410 review by Performance Auto and Sound magazine XR2420...
  18. L

    Clarion NZ503--Thoughts?

    Does anyone have experience with these units yet? I saw the Clarion NZ503 on Crutchfield today, and so far it is the only unit with all the features I'm looking for, but, being new, I don't know whether it's really worth the money. What I'm searching for is a head unit with the following...
  19. trumpet

    Clarion CX6210 Mini 2 Channel Marine

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion XC6210 Mini 2 Channel Marine 1 in stock Item(s) Description/Condition: New FEATURES 350 Watts of Maximum Music Power 125 Watts × 2 Continuous @ 2-Ohms 85 Watts × 2 Continuous @ 4-Ohms Conformally Coated PC Board Stainless Hardware MOS-FET Power Supply...
  20. trumpet

    Clarion XC1410 mini 4 channel Amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion XC1410 3 units in stock today Item(s) Description/Condition: NIB Micro Size 4 Channel Full Range Class D Amplifier 85W x 4 @ 2 ohms @ 1 kHz & 50W x 4 @ 4 ohms @ 1 kHz & Discrete Class D Topology for Low Distortion and High Fidelity Speaker High Level...
  21. trumpet

    Used Clarion CZ102, CHEAP

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion CZ102 Item(s) Description/Condition: single DIN AM/FM/CD/USB/Aux/MP3/WMA Traded in for a different unit Right now I don't have a remote for it because the customer still has it, but the price reflects this. If I get it back the price stays the same. The faceplate...
  22. Z

    IR codes for Clarion remotes?

    I'm trying to control my clarion headunit using an IR led. Since my own remote isn't functioning at all, I cannot use this device to learn the IR codes transmitted by the original remote, so I'm looking for someone with a working remote who's willing to help me out If you have a clarion remote...
  23. S

    how to wire amp to!

    My head unit's manual only had diagrams for normal mode, 2 way mode, and 3 way mode, which I am attaching photos of. My question is how specifically do I run it the way I have it shown in the other picture?? With the complexity of systems today, I'm sure this is doable but I haven't found...
  24. trumpet

    Clarion CZ702 complete, USED

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion CZ702 Item(s) Description/Condition: Used single DIN active capable head unit, 3-way crossover, 6dB or 12 dB slopes, Bluetooth with stereo streaming music, color changing backlight, remote control, rear USB, front aux, HD Radio Ready, SiriusXM ready I've had this...
  25. my front doors

    my front doors

    Clarion components
  26. my setup

    my setup

    2 12" Clarion 1500w dvc in a superbass on an old school Soundstream Tarantula TR2000. A
  27. 04murdalanche

    Clarion DXZ716 SAME AS DXZ-715 ***SQ Headunit***

    Item(s) for Sale: Clarion DXZ716 SAME AS DXZ-715, just a different model number for Item(s) Description/Condition: Clarion DXZ716 Heres a link for reference.. Clarion DXZ716 [DXZ716] - Clarion DXZ716 Car CD Player - $304.95 : Includes remote and harness for a Honda, cage, trim ring, etc...
  28. K

    SOLD Clarion sirius tuner

    I have a brand new never used Clarion sir cl1, sirius radio tuner. Couldnt find the box but have orginal cable. Guranteed to work on arival, never got around to installing it so it should be perfect. 75OBO
  29. shrapnel

    Looking for Speaker advice.

    OK, I'm looking to upgrade speakers, get rid of the OLD Sony Xplodes and possible factory in-door. (I have Pioneer TS-A698's just sitting in the openings of the rear deck for improvement from the Xplodes that were there.) The biggest aggravation I've had so far in my own research has been a few...
  30. shrapnel

    Looking for Advice on a good, but inexpensive, HU

    Hi was looking for a good HU with the following features. Built in BT CD/MP3/WMA USB Pluses would be HD Radio SAT radio iPod connectivity USB connector is on front panel, not the back MP4 audio playback Price range is $200 USD +$30/-$50 - (champagne tastes on a beer budget)...
  31. sizzl3r

    Clarion HU Producing No Sound

    I have a Clarion CZ200 (here's a pic). Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more anyway, I have it installed in my 99 ford ranger with a 10'' punch sub and 200 watt jensen Amp. My brother, who was driving the car at the time when the sound stopped...
  32. my_stealth21

    SOLD Clarion DZX265 head unit

    I have this Clarion head unit for sale, I picked up a new one a while back and this one was just sitting around. It works perfectly no problems at all. It comes with the wiring harness and original box. Here is a link for the specs Clarion DXZ265 - Car Stereo In-Dash Receiver at Sonic Electronix...
  33. A

    Amp for sub splits and 6-9's

    Just got a clarion 12" sub (600 watts not sure rms) clarion 6-9's 350 watts again not sure rms. clarion splits 250 watts not sure rms. will look at getting clarion speakers for doors. and am looking for some speakers to replace the rear door speakers. sub is going in the boot, 6-9's on the...
  34. Clarion Closed

    Clarion Closed

    This is my clarion closed, and my bass knob to the right,it fit perfect in that spot in my dash!
  35. Clarion Closed

    Clarion Closed

    This is my clarion closed, and my bass knob to the right,it fit perfect in that spot in my dash!
  36. 2 down 2 to go

    2 down 2 to go

    I will be buying 2 more of these subs in the near future.
  37. Clarion MAX685BT DVD

    Clarion MAX685BT DVD

    A photo watching CARS. It is a very clear picture and I am very pleased. It is amazing especially listening in 5.1!
  38. Clarion MAX685BT DVD

    Clarion MAX685BT DVD

    Fresh install with fingerprints! I have cleaned the paw prints up but after taking these photos!
  39. Nice Shot

    Nice Shot

  40. Box