1. lista

    Silver disc - Alpine CDA-7846J

    Hi All, this is my first post here - I’ve recently picked up an Alpine CDA-7846J for my car, and I heard a rattling in the unit and found this (pictured) - does anybody know what this is, and if so, where it needs to go? Hoping to try and get it sorted and in my car in the next week or so - any...
  2. Jakerrr

    Weird but important question. Please respond if you can

    On my last car before I got rid of it my friend messed up the headunit (and I could no longer listen to music) when he touched the leads of a taser to the aux chord... He didn't actually press the discharge button on the taser but it had a tiny bit of residual current/voltage from the last...
  3. T

    Second JL 12w7 broken?

    I bought a second 12w7 on ebay and after pulling out my first I noticed that the my second 12w7 (which I bought used for $230 shipped) seems to be sunken in or more relaxed compared to my first 12w7. Does that mean that its just well broken in or does it mean its on its way out? here are some...
  4. C

    sub help!

    i got a system in my car about 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago while listening to music not even loud my sub stopped kickin i've checked all the wiring and fuses n i dont think i could have blown the speaker or amp they look fine and now n then my sub will hit just a little bit.. all help appreciated..
  5. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD broken kicker zx 400.1

    I have a kicker zx400.1 for sale rated at 200rms at 4ohms and 400rms at 2ohms but the catch is that its broken. Hooked it up once to test bought it went to hook it up 3 hours later and nothing. Dont know what the problem is, could just be a fuse I really have no idea and there is nothing...
  6. K

    Alpine MRV-1005 V12 Issues. Help! (Warning - Large Image)

    Ok, so I bought myself a new car (Nissan X-Trail). The new car had a built in navigation system, so I had to pull the audio from the rear speakers and use a step down converter. After connecting everything up, I find that the subwoofer is not working. (Everything was fine in the 95' Jetta) I...
  7. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD 3 Amps for parts/repair

    I have three amps and im not really sure whats wrong with any of them but they are just sitting around collecting dust so im trying to make some money back on them. The first one is a kenwood kac-9102D and im not even sure if its broken or not but the power light doesnt turn on. Second amp is...