battery alternator

  1. D

    Help with HO alternator and AGM batteries

    Ok, to start off im electrically stupid so i am here to ask for a little advice. i purchased a HO alternator 300a upon recommendation of the manufacturer (fairly certain i was just up sold on it big time), i will be running a 2.3k watt @2 ohm mono and a 500w 4ch. i have a 80ah agm under hood and...
  2. I

    Help finding everything i would need for this setup.

    Hello, i am new to car audio so i don't know that much yet but im going to be getting 4 sundown SA series 12"s and wondering what i would need to power it all. I was looking at the Crescendo Audio BC3500D for the amp so 3500w power, would i need a new alternator? new battery i have no idea i...
  3. J

    Wired my amp a few days ago CAR WONT START

    just recently installed a 300w amp in my car. The car and music system worked great for 3 days until yesterday. The car wont start and my battery seems dead. this is a month old car battery. my ignition switch is broken and wont release the key. the key gets jammed in the acc position. could my...
  4. W

    Electrical Confusion

    If I'm trying to run 2600 watts, how much power do I need from my alternator/batteries?? Right now I have a stock 70a alt, stock front batt, 4 gauge big 3, and about 100 ah of agm batts in the trunk. I don't know much when it comes to alternators/batteries, and how much power a system requires...
  5. M

    Amp Location

    Hey Guys, Im planning on rearranging my setup in the back. I have a 2005 Acura MDX and in the cargo area there is false floor storage are that would fit my amp and capacitor PERFECTLY!!! And with a little plexi and a few drilled holes, this would make an awesome looking housing....HOWEVER...
  6. 93Exploder

    Do i need a new Alt or Seccond Battery?

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer, v6, with a skar 1500.1 soon to be powering a PSI PF2 18. My factory Alt is only a 95 amp, so should I get a 250 amp alt or get a kinetic battery for the back?
  7. E

    System keeps killing my battery.. need some advice.. PLEASE!

    So I'm running 2 12inch subs in the trunk from a Sony Xplod 1200W amp. For some reason it keeps killing my battery and I've been doing research all morning. My alternator is aftermarket and puts out 200 amps. Battery just got replaced and is an interstate battery.. pic attached. What I drew...
  8. D

    Give me you opinion!

    I have a duralast gold under the hood right now and a 120 amp stock alt. My 2 12" L7s will be run off of a rockford r-1000d, so 1000w rms if not a little more. Im also installing headrest screens and leds if that matters. If I intend to sometimes play my music with the car off, what do I need to...