amplifier help

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    Help Me Please

    I'm in over my head with my install and despite countless internet searches I haven't been able to find the answers I need. I'm also new at this so my apologies if this is a dumb or obvious inquiry. Thank you in advance to any and all that take the time to read this post and respond to it. I...
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    Bad amp?

    looking for good help, please advise if you can. I wired my amp to my head unit using speaker level ins. It’s a 5 channel amp. I bridged it to power my front speakers. The right speaker and tweeter keep cutting in and out. To see if it was the amp I switched the outputs around and now my left...
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    Help Me Confirm My Amp Is Junk

    Hey all, So I bought a budget set up last year; okay quality alpine speakers and compact sub, and a rockville 1200 watt RMS 4 channel amp. The amp cost 140 shipped, I know it's garbage. Here's what's going on: The system was actually pounding for the better part of a year, then one day the...
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    In need of help building my dream car audio.. here's what I feel I should run!

    So basically I'm an audio enthusiast and I'm in love with quality sound and bass.. I used to have an old system back in high school two 12 Kenwood tornados and some cheap Kenwood speakers to boot.. anyway it hit hard but sound quality and good bass definitely lacked.. now them I'm older and make...
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    What amp should I buy?

    Hello, I am a new member to the forum so in case i have posted this in a wrong section, please don't judge me. Anyways, I will go straight to the point, I have a subwoofer ( 12 INCH JBL, 1000Wats ). Can you guys please give me some advice what cheap amplifier I could get for this box, I...
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    Car amplifier help

    Hi. My sister just gave me an amp and a sub for my car about a month ago. I bought the necessary supplies to put it in. I have done this once before for my friend and it worked perfectly. I set it all up, turned it on , and nothing. The amp was stuck in protection mode. I just bought a new amp...
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    Amp picking help

    Hello i need help with picking the wattage for a amp, the subwoofer is a sundown e10v3 500w rms. Im new to this please help me. I also don't know how many cubic feet the box should be and if i should get the 4 ohm woofer or the 2 ohm. Please help me pick the amp as i know very little about this...
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    SA X-12 D2 Amp Suggestion???

    Anybody got any suggestions for an amplifier to push one Sundown Audio X-12 D2. Its rated 1250rms. I'll be building a custom enlosure as recommended by Sundowns specs, unless anybodys got any better suggestions?????? Wants 2.5 cubes at 32hz
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    Help with amp selection

    I am wanting a 1200-2000 watt amp my current needs are around 1200-1500 but would rather have overhead for future plans. The sub I am running now is a power hx2 dual 2ohm so want to run at 1 ohm i have about 300 to spend. I have been looking at the crescendo symphony 1500, ppi bk 1800 although I...
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    Thoughts on my amp / build?

    Hi everyone , I am setting this up tomorrow , what are your thoughts? 1 sundown audio sa 12 2.5 cu ft ported box at 32 hz , its custom built with double baffle. Sony Mex-N5000BT Precision power sedona s550.1 This is going in a 1996 nissan sentra gxe , I got another battery which is 20 amps...