1. M

    dual alt vs cap

    Ok here is my biggest issue with my system..... dimming I got a kinetic 1800 and a 1000cca battery still dimming. I was looking into HO alt but..dont have that kind of money but I have a alt off a 3500 6.5 chevy looks just like mine.. My idea here is dual alts but what all goes...
  2. A


    I had a 120 amp alternator in my 2012 Jeep Patriot, stock battery and stock alt obviously, powering a hifonics BRX 1100.1d powering a Sundown SA-15 in a 6 cubic ft box tuned to 32 hz, it burned out my alternator over time and it went out today, so I ordered the highest output made for Patriots...
  3. cdc351jeferson

    240 amp mechman alt

    Item(s) for Sale: Not on here much anymore email Small case gm 240amp alt . Was on a 3.5l v6 2006 pontiac g6 Item(s) Description/Condition: Alt is 8 months old. Was used for 6 months regulator went out on it and mechman warrantied it. Good as new ready to use...
  4. basswiigee

    2nd batt. or h.o. alt?

    i got 4 12's, 2000d amp [getting 1750w out of it] @ 1ohm, got all 0ga including big 3, optima yellow top, lights still dim and yesterday i either killed the batt. or the alternator [which was 9yrs old] or both... lol about to buy new stuff... but on a budget [prices are crazy] so should i...
  5. dasubmasta

    240 amp alternator jeep Cherokee.

    What do you guys think about the ho alts on eBay? I found a 240 for 166$. Said it comes with a test sheet and a warranty   ---------- Post added at 09:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:57 PM ----------
  6. A

    Excessive Amperage 300A Alternator

    Item(s) for Sale:Excessive Amperage 300A Alt Item(s) Description/Condition:It was for a 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS w/ 6.0l LS2 engine. Will upload pic's tonight. Asking $300 shipped within continental US (outside US I will ship, but you pay difference)   2-Pin for chevrolet V8's...
  7. akheathen

    h.o alt

    cs244, or cs144/other with the same mounting for my 2001 tahoe. preferably 270+ with oem control, or adj. reg (i can program my ecu to ignore the alt wires if needed, but would like my wife to see a mil if it ever fails) will consider less power, even "blown" ones. trying to keep $200 or...
  8. S

    Vcm mla voltage module alternatives?

    I'm not cheap, just broke, there a big difference. My car charges at 13.1 to 14.1 I'm about to slap a semi battery in the trunk soon hopefully and I want everything to be at a constant of 15.1, 14.3 at the least. I know about current discharge loads vs alt output and I'm working on a new alt...
  9. N

    Need a new alt? Or extra equipment?

    Hey car audio. Looking to run 2 12" 600w rms/1200w peak subs with a 1500w amp but not exactly sure if my 84 g-body can take it. It has a 63a alt and a red top battery from autozone. Do I need to pick up a new alt or extra battery? Tried to do all the calculations but not quite sure of them...
  10. 07sciontc

    07 scion tc help with system wires

    im doing a full system in my scion tc dyno mat and ill have a nav tough screen with a 4 chanul amp running about 75 to 100 watts per chanel and a mono block at about 3000 rms give or take 500 im planning on doing the big three and running all 0 gauge for big 3 and amps i need to know should i...
  11. W

    Looking for H/O alt for 02 Chevy 5.3

    As the title says I need an alternator for my truck. I would like it to be at least 250 amps. Brand or anything like that doesnt matter. Shoot me what you got.