1. J

    Sundown U series vs X series

    Decided ima go with a nice 15 instead of 2 budget 12’s, debating if i should go with the U or the X series 15, im going for a daily beater with good sql, which would sound better and louder? i listen to rap, corridos and old school box will be built to the proper enclosure size of the sub and...
  2. adulbrich

    6 Soundrive 15's FS

    Item(s) for Sale: 6 D2 Soundrive 15's Item(s) Description/Condition: 3 of them are in great cosmetic and functional shape. 1 has a small puncture in the surround that I repaired and it has a small bit of rust by the vent holes on the motor. 1 has two cracked basket spokes and a small piece...
  3. adulbrich

    Two 15's IB or Two 12's ported in 5 cubes?

    I just bought a pair of Fi BTL N3 15's. I am re-coning them, because they are d2's and my amp is only 1 ohm stable. I'm not going to run a Brazilian at .5 ohms daily.. I have 5 cubes net of internal box volume if I go ported. This is wayyy too small for a pair of 15's. I was thinking about...
  4. X

    4 15's

    this is my first ott build as it is my first car (a body kitted mk5 fiesta) and before I had one single 10 inch sub I then decided 5 months ago that my ott car needed an ott sound system so after a lot of time and planning the company that I had given the task to had come up with stripping the...
  5. supereikenator

    One Sundown SA-15 or two Sundown E-15's?

    I can get both for the same price, and my amp is right around 600RMS, I should have plenty of room for a box too. Ported all the way! Any opinions?
  6. E

    4 15" resx/psi hybrids practically brand new,old motors $1000 obo pickup

    I have for sale 4 MINT resx/psi hybrids the oldschool motors not the new ones or the chrome ones. They are built to handle 1500 RMS per sub thats 6k for all 4. I sold my truck they were in so now they must go. Two basets are black and two are the silver color. The only flaw is the PSI stickers...
  7. M

    help problems with my amps

    hi i am having some weird problems with my amps and deck i just put in 2 new 15' woofers in my truck and a new d class amp and a nice dvd head unit about 2 mouths ago. it was all working fine for a wile but all of a sudden my d class amp started to go into protect mode and my other amp that...