1. T

    What do yall think about 2 15s and 2 12s in a 2007 coupe accord

    It sounds crazy I know but, I already took my backseats out to make the amp and battery look clean for my current dual 12s, and I’m thinkin if I moved the battery and amp to the trunk I could run 2 15s where I used to have backseats. Just wanted to see y’all’s opinions on the idea, and also get...
  2. T

    What do yall think about 2 15s and 2 12s in 07 coupe accord

    Sounds crazy I know, but I took the backseats out to put my amp and battery on a custom built board so everything looks “clean” for the 2 12s I have, but I’m thinkin if I move the amp, battery and take the board out I can fit 2 15s where the back seats used to be. What do yall think?
  3. N

    installation help

    this is what i’m working with! i’m not sure how to wire it up to get the right ohms or anything along those lines can someone help me out by answering these questions? will this amp support the sub? is the capisitor going to effect my sub or be beneficial? can you draw a wiring diagram to send...
  4. J

    wtb 4 dc audio lvl 4 15s

    Buying 4 dc lol 4 15s. Need dual 2 voice coils. Have cash now hit me up.
  5. bassattack95

    american bass TNT

    Anybody had experience with the american bass TNT sub's? Do they get low? And is it a great buy
  6. Dr. Slam

    T3 audio t.1000 subs?

    I've been googling my *** off trying to find good reviews / good price range for these subs. Are two 15 inch versions worth paying $375 for new? Don't just answer, explain plz
  7. Re3xxx

    AQ HDC3 15s or RE Audio SX 15s

    Okay I need help. im trien to decide which subs to go with for my next build. Iv really been thinking about going with the AQ HDC3s but i want to be sure before i do. My idea was three Re Audio SX 15s with a 1500 watt rms amp on each one. I know a guy who did it and he was hitting 162 dbs. My...
  8. Blazer H.O. chrome alt.

    Blazer H.O. chrome alt.

    300 amp alt, 2000 blazer
  9. Blazer


  10. Blazer


  11. Blazer


  12. Blazer


    Just a lil somethan!
  13. Blazer Upgrade #1 (2 15")

    Blazer Upgrade #1 (2 15")

    Just a lil somethan! Box ******!
  14. Blazer Upgrade #2 ( Bigger box and tuned)

    Blazer Upgrade #2 ( Bigger box and tuned)

    2 15" L7s 8^ft 38htz....I think lol cant remember!
  15. Blazer


    Just a lil somethan!
  16. Blazer


    Just a lil somethan!