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Changing subwoofer in E-CLASS 2018

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Hi! I have an E220D 2018 with the standard sound system and I really want some more bass. I have seen that rainbow makes plug and play 8" bass speakers. Since I only have 1 bass speaker atm, can I just buy one of the rainbow speaker and put in so that I have standard bass speaker on passenger side and rainbow on the driver side? If I would have gone with the burmester I would have had 2 bass speakers but since I have standard system I only have one. My question is, how do I remove the carpet and install the new bass speaker and will I hear any more bass?

Thanks in advance, I'm new so if I placed this in the wrong section please move me smile.gif

The speaker:http://www.bilstereohornan.se/rainbow-il-s8-mb-r:9106

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Don't mess with aftermarket audio in a modern Mercedes. It's a huge headache with minimal gains unless you have access to unlimited funding. 


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