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Can you mix speaker component parts?

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I put in some focal Iss components last week. I love everything about them expect the tweeters I put some hours on them hoping for them to smooth out but they are just to tinny for me I always preferred silk. But I just love everything else about them the mid bass is astounding clean punchy tight and loud so even though I have never done this I was wondering I have some Scan-speak ring radiator silks I love if I swap them will it not sound right? will the crossover in the focal kit just make them sound like the Focals? Or is there some hope it might work I've never been in this scenario so I apologize for the dumb question :\



Edit: I forgot to add the ohms and power ratings match up and I believe the Scans have a wider freq response range though.

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Nah it's not dumb. I've read/heard many people swapping out tweeters for some better ones and kept the x-overs and mids. Turns out the switched tweets sounded better than the ones that came with the set originally.


I have silk dome tweets myself.....everything else seems, tinny as you say and too bright. But....have also heard adding more power to them takes away that "tinny-ness".

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Yea I don't see why not. Focal tweeters are known to be bright and tinny unless you go with the higher end expensive stuff. The crossover will make everything sound essentially the same but after swapping tweeters, you'll notice a different sound signature from the higher freq. Scanspeak makes some great speakers from what I hear. I've always used silk dome too for the longest time because of the same reason but recently tried out some $300 metal tweeters from Audible Physics and I absolutely love them.

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Type sound from tweeters are axis and range dependent.

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