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My head unit is pioneer 8201 nex and I want to get the RF 360.3 sound processer but it has a front 1 and a front 2 and the head unit only has 1 front how would I use the front 2 on the processer


you dont need two front rca inputs. All you need to do is plug in front, rear, and sub rcas. Hell, you can just get by with a single RCA input into the aux connection.


You are overthinking this.

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320 amp Singer alt....... 1 group 34 under the hood 6 group31 agms in the back 560 amp hours total.

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Brand new in the box Rockford Fosgate 3.sixty.3 $550 PayPal.


Go put that into the classifieds section dude. This isn't a f/s thread. Oh and pics WITH username next to item.

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