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Design Questions for 10" JL Audio 10 10W0v3 in 0.65 Cubic Ft Enclosure

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Vehicle : 2008 Ford F-350 Lariat 4x4 Crew Cab

Location in the vehicle: 1st choice is behind the rear 60/40 bench seat or 2nd choice is a console box in the middle on the back seat floor.

Space available (Length x Width x Height): Depends on location

Subwoofer make and model: JL Audio 10W0v3

Subwoofer Size: 10" (4.9" mounting depth)

Number of Subwoofers: 1

Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): None

What type of music do you like?: Country & Rock

Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Everyday (Thump)

Tuning Freq (Hz): See Below

Volume : 0.65

Questions: I want to build the cheapest enclosure rather than buying one for more than 3x the price!

Here is the recommended box specs from JL Audio:


Wall Thickness: 0.75 in / 19 mm

Front Baffle Thickness: 0.75 in / 19 mm

Volume (net int.): 0.65 cu ft / 18.41 L

External Width (W): 18 in / 457 mm

External Height (H): 11 in / 279 mm

External Depth (D): 9 in / 229 mm

F3: 42.4 Hz

Fc: 53.23 Hz

Qtc: 1.002

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No one can help you do anything unless you post available dimensions. If you have two possible locations, then post available dimensions for both.

Owner, Audio Anarchy, LLC

2915 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA




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Well, ya see that's just the thing. The dimensions are so complicated that I'm simply hoping that someone already has plans for my truck. I know how to calculate air space and build a box, I just need help deciding where and details. I have found a box online, but they obviously don't give away their dimensiona. Maybe I'm asking the wrong people.

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