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Kenwood x1200m or soundstream tx1.2000?????

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Hi, I am getting ready to buy an amp and was trying to decide between the 2 in the title 1. Kenwood x1200m or 2. soundstream tx1.2000


I am going to be powering an AQ HDC3 15" D1, Im going to be wiring it up to a 2 ohm load.


the kenwood does 1200 rms at a 2 ohm load, while the soundstream does 1300 rms at 2 ohms. i like the features of the kenwood but i also like soundstream products. I know the kenwood would be great in SQ but i am wanting good spl with my sub.


any input will be appreciated! Thanks

Vehicle....2004 Dodge neon sxt 4-door

H/U......Kenwood x595

Speaker amp....Old School Soundstream p205

Front Stage.....AQ 6.5" components

Rear Fill.....Vibe slick 3-way 6x9" coaxils

Subwoofer Amp......Hifonics zrx.2000.1D

Subwoofer....2 12" Soundqubed/Audioque SDC2.5's

Box.....custom 4.2 cubes tuned at ~36 Hertz

Kinetic HC2400 in trunk, interstate under hood, Big 3 in Cadence 0, Auditechnix 0 power

Stock 85amp alt

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The Kenwood is a good amp. I use one at 2 ohms.....seems to give rated power and runs cool. It is CEA 2006 as well.


One other question (hopefully someone with experience with this amp will chime in)......who has run the x1200m at one ohm and how much power did it produce? Kenwood website says it is one ohm stable, but I have seen posts online that it is not recommended.


This is something to think of incase you later want to add a sub....

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