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box idea? need expert opinions! :):)

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Ok. Im using BBP6 and this is what ive come up with.

My box vb: 8.865 after supports and displacements.

tuning at 34hz.

2 5" aero ports approx 5.25" long??

Is that the right calculations for 34hz tuning? Is 5" aero ports big enough to not have port noise? can I go smaller in port diameter? possibly like 4"

Right now im using 2 15" first gen mojo. I dont know if 34hz is like the best option for me? im looking to be running 2k watts to each sub in the future. thoughts and opinions?

Thanks everyone.

Looking for MAX SPL retaining some SQ. Because its a daily system, not for burps.

Is this box to small for 2 15s?

Discuss. Dont make me sad :/

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