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**FS: XS D3400 Battery **

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1. Product:


XS D3400 Battery


2. Specs:




Weight Lbs. - 46.00

Weight Kgs. – 20.85


Length – 10.24 in

Height – 7.20 in

Width – 6.65 in


MAX Amps – 3300

Ah – 67


MSRP – $449.99


3. Description/Condition:


I've had this battery for about 5-6 months. Always been run off of a 220a alt, and has been in my car since the day I got it. It never sat around, and had a full charge before it went in. I MAY or MAY NOT have the roped-handle for it. I will have to dig through the garage.


Just the stickers are scratched up. The batt is in perfect shape.


4. Price: :




5. Pictures:













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