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WTB Audioque Bass Knob

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Must be in good condition with minimal scratches on it.


Side note, what kind of cable does it take to run this thing? (i.e. phone cable or is it something specific for this knob?)

Bought From: fasfocus00, ilkman2202, Bad4health, 90accordman

Sold to: vitveet, sacskings916, binks.333.binks 100% on eBay 140+ ratings


My Ride: 2002 Honda Accord 2.3L

- Alpine 9887 TruRTA

- 2x DC XLs 12" on a DC 5K!

- Hertz 165XL on DC175.4 (Active)

- 2 Runs of 1/0 Fleks and 1/0 KCA

- D34 Optima Yellow Top, XS D3100

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    • By OJtheBassman
      Me and Gumbysmoke are in the progress of finishing up the box for the geo...
      The box is still under some work and later Ill log on some other car stuff on how the metro is coming along
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    • By Marquise
      Everytime i turn my reciever up my subs stop bassing....it has just now begun to do this i've had them for about 2 years now and they work perfectly. Its just when i turn it up it goes away. I have 2 12 inch dual subs in box and sony amp 1000w.
    • By f1mclarenagr
      First post here;)
      I currently have 1 Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1D that puts out 1700WRMS @ 1Ohm @14.4Volts. It is CEA-2006 rated so it does the power and may be a bit more. I am planning on grabbing a second one, and was wondering if I bridge these together using an MLX-100, will it be able to push 2x 3512e nicely?
      That would be 1700+1700 @ 2Ohm = 3400WRMS @ 2Ohm (I am correct right?).
      I see a lot of you guys pushing 1500WRMS daily and sometimes a lot more.
      Or should I just simplify everything and get an Audioque AQ3500D.1? That is 4300WRMS @ 1Ohm @ 14.4V. How are these amps? I wouldn't run at full power but somewhere around 1500-1700WRMS each sub I heard is a good start.
      Thank you very much guys!
      Oh by the way upgraded electrical 320amp Alternator, Two Yellow Tops, and 1/0 Knu all around before I even drop anything more in. That is my next project.
    • By johnjv29
      I am selling my Image Dynamics SPL 15 that is in great shape and sounds excellent!This sub is extremely rare and there is only 6 of them ever made.These were made by Image Dynamics,not just a recone on a motor.This has the same specs as the Atomic APXX but I was told this is actually bigger.I have two of the APX 15's and is bigger than those.There is only one terminal but is a quad voice coil,the coils are wired internally .This sub is a BEAST and with the right box and power will pull some great numbers!The specs are the same as the Atomic APXX,I bought it but really didnt need it.I figured it would make someone a great competition sub or great daily listening.The sub is in great condition and has a some spots on the back of the motor and is only cosmetic the rest of the sub is perfect!This sub will kill your W7's,9500's and most of the competition out there!
      I may accept trades,I am mostly looking for amps,large blown amps,wire,HO alternator.
      Here are the specs:
      * Super eXTREME SPL competition woofer
      * high sensitivity, extreme efficient motor to ensure high SPL possible
      * Rigid Die cast aluminum basket
      * Organic long fiber non-pressed cone body for accurate tight bass
      * Highly damped Kevlar and carbon fiber reinforced cone body
      * triple layers foam surround increase the power capacity of woofer
      * Extended neck joints on cone, coil and spider strengthen the integrity of moving structure for high power capacity
      * Compressed mounting ring gasket
      * vented coil for extra heat dissipation
      * 3 inch high temp aluminum voice coil
      * extended, machined cut one piece back plate
      * Powerful double stacked high energy magnet
      * over 2-1/2 inch long excursion motor structure
      * reinforced resin impregnated polycotton spider extend the life span of the speaker from material fatigue and collapse.
      * integrated heavy duty lead wire on spider prevent short circuit and melt down
      * dome shape dust cap design
      * low carbon front and back plate
      * Vented magnetic gap technology
      * Laser etched, machined and chromed back plate
      Make me any reasonable offer,I need the cash for wiring and a new alternator.




    • By MustangBoy23
      I have 2 10" Audio Art subwoofers that say 30oz. and 4 ohms. on the back. I have Googled them for hours and can't find anything. Can anyone give me some info? Ex. max watts. Thanks