1. B

    dd m3a bass knob not working

    Ok, so a few months back I re-ran my POS through my car because it was bugging me. So, when I unplugged my amp, I first unplugged the RCA's, then the fuse for the POS line. I also unplugged the remote and unhooked the ground as well. Moved the wires, and reinstalled everything. Last thing I...
  2. K

    Knob disconnected, subs don't work anymore

    I recently took my car in for inspection and it turns out my installer cut a wire in order to install a knob to adjust the volume of the sub. It had to be disconnected and now the subs don't work. Is there a way to just change the volume control to my car stereo instead of the knob? 2006 Honda...
  3. f1mclarenagr

    WTB Audioque Bass Knob

    Must be in good condition with minimal scratches on it. Side note, what kind of cable does it take to run this thing? (i.e. phone cable or is it something specific for this knob?)
  4. BassKnob