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2006 Subaru Impreza 2 10"s False Floor

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I finally talked my best friend into a false floor in his 2006 Subaru. I had to work with all of the equipment that he already had, 2 Power acoustic FUBR 10's, which acually are really well built and can take a beating, a sony xplod amp, that has been through atleast 7 of our cars over the years, and some bulk wiring i had laying around. he also wanted the JVC EXAD double din that fit perfectly in the dash and looked great. becasue of the wear and tear on the amp i decided it would be better to take off the cover and just expose the guts and use som eplexi over it. here are the pics.. and sorry ahead of time there is sort of a gap in the install pics where i didnt have a camera.


becasue of the odd shape of the well and the space i needed, instead of fiberglassing i made the bottom piece and cut 4" peices of mdf and glued and clamped them together in a circular shape kinda liek they make bongo drums. after that dried i stregthed it all up with reinforced filler.


next came the big headache. becasue of the way the tire well was built in the car, the subs would not fit in the middle of the floor and becasue to have the port the way i wanted. so i had to stagger them, and the way my friend is he kinda likes stuff crooked anyway so we decided to do the same with the amp.


i ended up with about 2 cubic feet of volume. it was on the small side especially after the 4" areo went in. i used a 4" elbow in order to get port length.


the top piece is 1/2" mdf. the cutout areas will have plexi under it that will have the back painted pewter just liek the 2 tone color of the car. then i will put green leds firing into the plexi to make it all glow.


the subs had been sitting around for awhile and the surround was discolored and it looked liek garbage lol. so i took some SEM vinyl paint and made her brand new.

i also had ALOT of problems surprisingly with bracing. those 10's do some justice and i had alot of flex. 4 2x4's did the trick lol.






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if only i had a wagon.


that is awesome.


you think the same thing can be done in the sedans?


prolly haha. the same concept could be done anyway. i think he is acually trading this for an wrx Sti sometime so il prolly be doing just that haha

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Great looking work. I can imagine how nice it would sound with some quality subs in there.

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looks nice. the amp looks cheap as shit though =P


the woofers are accually built really well. iw as kinda suprised. but we had them in a different car gettin like 5-600 apiece and they were taking it just find. the amp pushes them fine for now. its been the temp. amp for like 20 of our cars over the past couple years, so its seen better days cosmeticly (which is why it has no cover lol) but its seen 1 ohm numerous times and has yet to burn up. lol. its a nice little amp for this set up, except for no adjustable low pas crossover..lol......but he live in wyoming now and i rarley get to see him to change out equipment with some SSD's lol

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Nice setup... I thought about doing that to my 07' Imp wagon, but like to have a spare. I don't need BIG sound in a car, Just Nice. I do my heavy listening at home with a corner horn subwoofer I built for my system and used to sell.


I never wanted a lot of sound in my cars, but did like them to Sound good, not loud. I go more for deep bass. I have a sedan set up real nice, and I can Hear the low notes, not just feel them. I like more of an airy deep bass. I was going to take the speakers out of my other, old car and put them in the Sube, but didn't want to loose what I have there. I put a sub in the back of the wagon, but it sounds no better than the 4" door speakers. I don't think the rear ch's are full range. I have an amp I was going to install, but if the rears aren't full range, I'll get more volume but no more frequencies. My old car has great bass from the rear ch's. I read and am told that the rears are Just for " Fill" and " Ambiance" so would have to be full range. It's bugging me that I can't get an answer to the questions, and going to buy another Sube radio on Ebay, to see if sounds like mine. I should try to test the amp, but don't feel like dealing with 48" of snow on the ground, and will have to wait till spring.


I'd rather not have to change too much in the car, to get the improvement that I want. I always got a lot from a little, and just made things work easily.

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