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Oct 7, 2014
I paid them to hook up an Ipod adapter to the back of an Alpine CDA-9857. Simple you think. Well they delivered it without any instruction and not working, for $50 bucks. No one said anything to me. I asked about this, the installer played the I do not understand English game. I figured out one problem, they cracked the housing that connects to the Ipod. I bought another one, and check this part out, they thought I was going to pay another $35 dollars to fix their damage. Unbelievable. Long story short, I installed it my self, pulled out the unit, attached the adapted cord and it still works today. When I questioned the $35 dollar charge they tried to have the security guy get close on me to try to intimidate me. Here is what the lack of professionalism achieved; I have since gone to Vic's Customs and had 1) Yamaha 200 Watt sub amp and JL 10" subwoofer installed for $120. Next I went back and had Polk 651i front door speakers, Sound Ordanance 6X9 rear deck speakers (both from Crutchfield), New alarm system with Automatic starter (Autopage C3 xs665 with 2 yr warranty+labor for $290. It is sad the when attempting to support a business in your neighborhood that they drive you away with unprofessional business practice. That is to say it nicely. I have other thoughts on what's up with this place. Security guard intimidation, please. Keep the fifty, I have spent over $400 elsewhere and will not be coming back. Please do not mail me a survey, that would not be smart either. Call Vic's customs 773-585-2567, better pricing and they check their work. Pretty simple formula for repeat business. Here's what is really funny Vic's is a Hispanic shop, but their English is good!


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